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Public school: is it good enough?

I would hardly describe myself as a left-leaning lunatic but I believe all young people should start out on a more or less equal playing field. No one should be denied opportunities because their parents can't afford the fees for Cranbrook or SCEGGS. However if the middle classes continue to abandon the public system it will spiral downwards. Those remaining in it will become unfairly disadvantaged.

Who is starting school in 2013?

This post is for parents of children starting school in 2013. I’d like to help parents as they make their way towards the world of school with their children for the very first time.

Is school ready for us?

My five year old daughter has a July birthday which means she was only just eligible to start school this year. Without much deliberation my husband and I decided to...

Artwork, artwork, everywhere!

At my children’s day care these days, they are always trying to channel my kid’s “inner Picasso”. It is great to see how creative they can be. Paintings, collages, toilet...

Bento Box Lunches

When the kids start getting bored with what your packing for lunch, it’s time to try a new style. One style that is taking the lunchroom by storm is the Bento Box.



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