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Caitlin’s amazing first bike ride – watch the video

Young girl with a disability rides a special bikeThe first time you see your child ride a bike can be an emotional moment for any parent.

You help them grow in confidence and then you witness their excitement as they achieve something they couldn’t do just minutes before.

Then you’re left standing there watching as they ride off into the distance. A small taste of the freedom and independence that is yet to come.

Donna never imagined she’d experience that moment with her daughter Caitlin but when she did she was so happy that she cried.

Caitlin’s family wanted to be able to take her out on family bike rides so they contacted K-equip Ltd – a Western Australian charity run by husband and wife team James and Renae Kenneison. K-equip provides special needs bikes for children with disabilities and Donna can’t thank them enough for the happiness that they’ve brought to her daughter.

They’ve caught Caitlin’s first bike ride on video and we love it so much we want to share it with you all …

Donna describes her feelings as she watches her daughter ride on a bike for the first time.

“I never thought this appointment would bring me to tears… but it did,” she says.

“When we arrived we were welcomed by Renae. It was obvious that Renae was not only passionate about empowering children with the right equipment to ride a bike but also that the child’s and their families emotional needs where considered throughout the process. There were numerous changes made to the bike’s original structure so that it catered for every aspect of my daughter’s needs.

“It was then time to test it out. Tears were the only emotion that could truly express my feeling at this time.

“To see my daughter so happy and so excited doing an activity that most children do every day overwhelmed me with emotion and joy.”

Donna from K-equip says parents often cry when they first see their children ride a bike.

“[It] is not unusual here, but never gets old,” she says.

“Every time we meet a new parent we find they didn’t know these bikes existed and never imagined their child could ride a bike.

“I need parents of kids in wheelchairs to know that their kids can ride a bike and feel like a regular kid. Even if they can’t sit up or move their legs, we have a bike for them.

“Riding is the only activity that every child can do.”

You can watch Caitlin’s video here:




For more information about K-equip or to sponsor a bike for a
child with a disability you can visit

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