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Registration for B-School is CLOSING SOON – free training still available

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Do you want a lifestyle you enjoy, doing something you love? Oh, and good money too? Well, who doesn’t? Pretty much everyone wants to feel accomplished, successful and happy whilst making a difference to the lives of others. Right?

We love our Bub Hub family – our viewers, our forum members and the Aussie businesses in our directory. And when an opportunity came our way that could help that ‘family’, we had to jump on board, spread the word and add our knowledge and experience to make it even greater!

It all starts with the free training (this is available until 1 March):

Part 1 – The 6-Step Roadmap to Grow Your Online Business

Part 2 – The 13-Keys to Online Success

Part 3 – 7 Common Excuses that Kill Your Success


Now, hold on a minute, I hear many of you saying that you don’t have an online business. So why the heck would you spend a few minutes watching the training, even if it is free. Here’s why…



Can you relate to any of these?

  • Stuck in job you don’t like, a job that doesn’t pay what you’re worth?
  • Dying to start your own ‘passion project’ – but don’t know where to start?
  • A mum or dad at home with kids who’d love to work from home around your family, boost the family income and stimulate your brain at the same time?
  • Running your own business but it’s not giving you the income or lifestyle you want and deserve, or you just want to grow it even bigger?

If you can relate to any of those, watch the free training. It’s only online for a short time (like until 1 March), so get in quick. You’ve got nothing to lose!

So what’s the free training about?

The free training will inspire you to gain the knowledge to create your dream lifestyle through business.  There are 3 videos in total – the first two are available right now and the final one will be released at the end of this week. You can build a business that gives you what you want. Time, freedom, money, lifestyle.

You have a talent (a wonderful thing). You have something that the world needs. Everyone does. You might not know it. You might be right in the middle of it, running a business based on your talent but not soaring as high as you’d like. So let’s use that talent to create your dream lifestyle.

The free training is provided by Marie Forleo’s B-School. Marie Forleo is the good-looking lady in the image above (the one with the yellow border, not the beach one) who has made herself into a multi-millionaire running a business she loves with honesty and integrity. Having made plenty of mistakes along the way, she’s developed a blueprint training course, called B-School, that helps your avoid those pitfalls and build a business you love (a business that does not use sleazy sales techniques).

B-School is all about giving you the tools to leverage your talents online. When you leverage the power of the internet, you don’t restrict yourself to a local audience – the world is your audience!

Who is it for?

Well anyone, but it’s particularly aimed at entrepreneurial-types who are ready to make the next step with their career and lifestyle. Like:

  • A photographer who could teach an online photography course to help parents record beautiful memories of their bubs
  • A passionate baker or home-cook who could share knowledge and successful family recipes with others
  • A successful dieter who could inspire others to do the same
  • A social media guru who could unravel the mysteries of Facebook and Instagram and make a fortune teaching others
  • A talented writer just waiting for the world to discover them
  • A small business owner who wants to be more successful online
Ask yourself, what do you know that others need help with?

What is B-School?

I’m not going to rehash the course details here – the B-School people will do a much better job of that on their website (all the links you need are further down the page), but in a nutshell, it’s an 8-week online course that’s only open for registration once a year.

You watch / read the content at your own pace whenever you wish — it’s available 24/7 and not just for the 8 weeks that the course modules are initially released for. Or you can download and watch offline if you prefer. You have lifetime access to the course, so you can take the course again — it gets updated every year.   Plus there are a tonne of bonuses to assist you with website set-up, list building, a guide to starting the right business if you are just hatching ideas, help with statistics, analytics, social media and more!

At it’s very heart, the course helps you to understand your customers better so you can develop products and services that they need and communicate with them in a way that really resonates. Resulting in happy customers, happy you, success!

Registration for B-School 2018 is NOW OPEN BUT IT IS CLOSING SOON!!   REGISTRATIONS CLOSE THIS THURSDAY 1 MARCH.  After that, the opportunity to get on-board with this life-changing training is gone until 2019!

Enterpreneurs are already signing-up and starting the pre-training – such as Start the Right Business;  The Follow-Through Formula and Secrets to Unstoppable Success.  They’re getting started with that before the main course opens and are already reporting some inspiring a-ha moments!

My B-School Journey

I joined B-School in 2014. I’m a tech-nerd and marketing and business direction isn’t really my thing. But we’d grown Bub Hub into a thriving home business and I felt that some help wouldn’t go astray!

Bub Hub is a business that has enabled my hubby and I to work from home with family as our number one priority for almost 16 years now. We’ve been able to go to every sports day, assembly and class presentation for our three kids. We’ve been there when the kids were sick and needed a day off school.  We’ve been able to go on holiday without having to ask permission for time off. It’s given us freedom, flexibility and the ability to put family first no matter what. And that’s priceless. All whilst providing a gratefully-received platform for Australian parents, parents-to-be and Australian businesses. Plus employment for our small team.

We want you to have that too!

That’s why we were honoured to have been selected as one of a small number of worldwide affiliate partners for B-School 2018. As an affiliate, we’re not just spreading the word about something we believe in — viewers who sign up to B-School 2018 through Bub Hub will be part of our exclusive Bub Hub B-School Mastermind Group, where members can share ideas, get feedback, ask others what they think of their latest Facebook ad or client email BEFORE it’s sent out! It’s a chance to brainstorm and elevate your success even higher!

As an affiliate, we do receive a commission for anyone who joins B-School through the Bub Hub links but at no additional cost to you.

If you’ve been struggling on your own, or haven’t even started, give B-School a chance. B-School has been helping entrepreneurs for 9 years now with over 35,000 ‘graduates’ from more than 130 countries. At the very least, get the free training at least, which has been reported as better than many paid-for courses!

Previous B-Schoolers

Now for some inspirational transformations – this could be you…



Shanti has even expanded Hike it Baby into Australia!


Karen, a happy Queenslander, is proof that you can run an online business about fishing! And if you can have a successful online business about fishing, well the door is open for pretty much any subject really!


Kirsten put family first, but still needed her own identify – she’s managed to achieve that, with some B-School help.

There are 190 case studies online – you can search by industry, location, goals and more.  You will find at least one that resonates with you!

Just Do It!

So what are you waiting for? Try the free training – you’ve nothing to lose. And if you are interested in investing in the full B-School experience, we’ll be here with the Bub Hub Mastermind Group, and if not, you’ve enjoyed the free training. There’s no obligation to sign-up for the paid course at all.

To watch the free training – click this link to go to the B-School website – add your email address to gain access. They won’t sell your email address on, we promise, so you will only receive emails relating to the training and B-School 2018.

If you want to read more about the full B-School experience and course content, registration is NOW OPEN – but only until 1 March. B-School 2018 starts on 5 March!  Can’t wait!

Got questions? Feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Hilary, Bub Hub Founder

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