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Bring Back Games Nights!

hasbrosponsoredpostboardgamesGiven the relentless pace of family life these days it is very nice to find time to sit down with the family and just have fun together and chat!

Games nights/sessions are a great way to get the kids talking, learning & having fun together. We invited the cousins around and broke out the board games. It was awesome to see six kids from 4-13 all getting along and playing together. The oldest helped the youngest play. My three are slightly older than their cousins but we gave them 3 games and they happily played together for more than 2 hours before and after dinner.

They started with Hasbro’s Operation and had a lot of fun cheering on the four-year-old, who seemed to enjoy making the patient’s nose buzz rather than removing pieces. Highly entertaining! Once the operating skills were mastered by the older kids, they introduced speed operation to see who could remove all the pieces in the fastest time! Sadly not too many patients survived the speed run but the kids enjoyed themselves!

hasbrosponsoredpost5We then moved onto Elefun & Friends Mousetrap and Monopoly Junior. Both are easier versions of the original game aimed at involving younger players. I know we had issues in our family when our youngest wanted to play Monopoly (original) with the older kids, but struggled with some of the concepts. Both these games allow the little ones to be involved and engaged from a very early age. Our plan for the next game night is to get the original Monopoly out for the oldies and the junior version for the kids.


The adults started playing, but after a while it became quite clear that we were not needed, so the adults moved to the other end of the room to have a nice conversation, a glass or two of wine, and to make dinner without a million questions from the little ones. Blissful!

It was really nice to see the kids interacting without involving a screen; sure there were arguments but nothing that required adult involvement and some of the arguments themselves were learning experiences.

Do yourself and your family a favour and schedule a regular games session. Great, clean, inexpensive fun for all the family.

– written by BigBadBrad


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