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Breastfeeding- Thrifty as it gets!

OK so it’s world Breastfeeding Week so here’s a little post from a thrifty mamma on breastfeeding.

Let’s take a couple of things as read: Breastmilk is the perfect milk for babies. It can be tricky to establish. If you are unable to breastfeed I don’t judge you for it or think you are compromising your child or your womanhood.

Right, now those elephants in the room have been banished let’s get back to why I like it …

  • The milk is free. Have you seen the price of formula? I just couldn’t choose to bottle feed with formula being so expensive even if all other things were equal! I have a real problem spending money when I can get the same (or better) for free!
  • Preparation is easy hungry baby + milky breast = sorted. I am not great with measuring, sterilising and washing things at the best of times. I can’t imagine how much worse I would be with an infant robbing me of sleep too!
  • No waste! Ok so not strictly true as any breast feeding mum who has woken up in a puddle of her own milk or watched the milk pouring out in the shower knows but at least you don’t sit there looking at the 50 mls of (expensive) mixed formula that bub won’t drink and you can’t keep (then you have to wash up the bottle ergh..) And breasts adjust automatically to the baby, I just don’t think I would be as fastidious…
  • Snuggling and sitting. There are things I like to do. Two of those things are snuggling babies and sitting on my backside. Breastfeeding rolls the two of them into one delicious chore with a boost of oxytocin to boot.
  • Accessories aren’t necessary. I have washable breast pads (about to be used for a third baby!) and an electric pump and bottles (from the first bubby and expressing at work) I have nursing bras and a wedge shaped pillow for supporting baby but really all you need are breasts and a baby. Other things are handy but optional.

Can you think of any other reasons breastfeeding is the thriftier and less effort option that I have missed?

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