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Birthing Kits Assembly Day – Brisbane

BirthingKitsAssemblyDayBack in July, it was decided that we should commemorate the newly arrived Prince George by donating something to those less fortunate than Kate and Wills.

With incomparable help and enthusiasm from our forum members, we narrowed down the possibilities until we landed on an organisation that suits our site and community to a tee – Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA).

They provide birthing kits to 23 different, in-need countries to help women give birth in a more hygienic and safer environment. What we did to help was put together these kits at an Assembly Day in sunny Brisbane. Here’s how it all went down.

Once we settled on BKFA and had enough member support that we were confident an Assembly Day would go well, we booked in last Saturday October 26th as our “day”. We received the contents of what we were assembling a couple of weeks beforehand (and I must say, the lead up and preparation for the day was pretty exciting). I’ll skip the boring details about booking a venue and spending hours on Google Maps trying to find the best route from the bus stop to get there, and get to it.

We had 13 people (plus kids and one lovely partner who played with them while we worked) that gave up their Saturday morning to help out. There were 6 components to assembly into the kits before sealing them up and shipping them off. Each mum who is to receive a kit gets:

  • a plastic sheet to deliver onto,
  • a pair of gloves for the person who helps her,
  • 3 pieces of string to tie off the umbilical cord,
  • a scalpel blade for any necessary incisions,
  • a quarter of a hotel-sized piece of soap to stay hygienic,
  • and 5 pieces of gauze to clean up afterwards.

All of these essential items were packed into A5 sized zip-lock bags. In fact, they were a little smaller than A5. For the women receiving these kits – it’s a luxury they wouldn’t ordinarily have.

So we sat together, assembling 200 makeshift hospitals. It only took a couple of hours to potentially save the lives of 200 mothers and babies. And for every kit we made, we donated $3 to BKFA.

Since April 2007, BKFA has:

  • received 1,022,588 assembled kits from volunteers just like us,
  • funded the assembly of 63,360 kits, in-country
  • provided training for approximately 8,000 traditional birth attendants,
  • worked, and is still working with 39 partner organisations in 23 countries.

We’re hoping to be able to organise more Assembly Days across the country to help even more in-need mothers and babies.

A special thanks goes to all involved in the process and the Assembly Day – dedicated forum members, forum moderators, administrators and general Bub Hub Crew alike. It was an amazing experience and a lovely day all around.

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