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Birth story: “We need to get him out NOW!”

birth storyOur sweet little prince was due to enter the world on June 30 but decided he was staying put a little longer.

Being seven days over your due date is not fun. At all.

I woke up on July 7 with the most god-awful back pain. It was early. I waddled to the bathroom just in time for the pop and gush. I guess it was that moment it felt all real, I was going to be a mum and I was going to have a son.

I remember yelling out to Ben, “it’s time, it’s time!”. It took him five minutes to realise what I was yelling about then he came running. Bags were chucked in the car and away we went. It was exciting and scary all at the same time.

We arrived at the hospital to be greeted by the nurse who asked us a few questions and checked my cervix and told me I was 1cm dialated. Sure looking back that was nothing but at the time it was surreal it felt like the beginning of our new life.

They put me on monitors and sent me to the maternity ward to sit and wait for it all to begin. I didn’t have my first contraction until midday – five hours after my waters broke. It felt like forever.

That moment, that first contraction … I wished I hadn’t been so eager. Long story short, at 3pm they put me on IV Pitocin to get things chugging along quicker. It did its job. I was now getting contractions on top of each other but didn’t progress any.

At 6:30pm I’d had enough and opted for an epidural. As 7pm rolled around I was told I now could no longer eat because if I didn’t progress overnight they would send me for a c-section. At 9:45pm the monitors around my belly went crazy, nurses rushed in they had lost bub’s heartbeat and couldn’t find it.

I remember in that moment being scared and worried and panicked. The nurses run out and then they run in again with two doctors and paperwork. It was all a bit hazy and all I remember hearing them say was “we need to get him out now!”, “you need to sign this and this”, “the potentials are that we could accidentally cut your bladder and it’s common accidents like maybe accidentally cutting the baby’s head”, “now are you ready?”.

I signed and remember thinking to myself “I don’t want this”. If it wasn’t for Ben saying “it’ll be OK”, I don’t know if I would’ve been so strong.

I can honestly say I don’t know how long it took … it felt like forever.

The moment we heard the scream we knew he was OK. He was a healthy 8 pound 7 ounces. He was beautiful.

I got pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for nearly two weeks after his birth but knowing he had arrived OK, it was worth every second.

Thanks to Bub Hub member MonsterMoosMum for sharing her amazing birth story with us. Find out how you can submit your birth story!

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5 comments so far -

  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. We certainly know how important it is for women to prepare for birth with confidence in their body so it of course isn’t our intention to scare or misinform readers. This article is one of a series of birth stories we have published – some good, some a bit frightening, some perfect, some not-so-much. All of them, however, are REAL. Real women sharing their experience. An experience that is very dear to them, very unique to them and something they are proud of. We wanted to give them a space to share their experience and honour the birth of their precious baby.

    We do encourage women preparing for birth to learn as much as possible about the process – in fact, our recommendation can be found on the back of Better Birth.

    And a big congratulations to MonsterMoosMum – thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  2. THis is my birth story.
    It was also my first & negative comments like the ones written are the reasons why some people dont share their stories.
    It was my first baby & i had also had a few other complications throughout my pregnancy and yes i was told to come in at the first sign of anything and for me that was my waters breaking. Assuming is the mother of all bugger ups to put it lightly.
    THanks for taking a moment to share my story and turning it into something negative.
    It most definately wasnt my intention to scare anyone but simply share my story!

    • We were also told to go as soon as waters break at our hospital. Thank-you for sharing your story it had me in tears for you. Glad everything worked out well xx

  3. Well I’m sure this birth story is sure to boost more womens confidence in their bodys about birth, it’s not like there aren’t enough negative misinformed stories out there to begin with. Now I’m sure to many women who read this story are going to now be more terrified of birth and have it instilled into them that birth is an emergency when it’s not and often complications are brought about by unnecessary intervention (yes I know some intervention is medically necessary but the majority these days especially in America it’s not) First off there is no need to rush to the hospital as soon as your membranes rupture, a common mistake women make and think, secondly if contractions have already begun to progress, there is no signs of infection and the babys vitals are fine then there is no reason to augment the labour with oxytocic drugs because they on their own have their risks including abnormal heart rate which then can be so severe a cesarean needs to be done, so if hospital staff where more patient for this mother and her body to birth in it’s own time most likely wouldn’t have happened.
    Knowledge is Power, don’t let fear stop you from making yourself informed!

    • I am sure that you have to go to the hospital as soon as you know that your water breaks/leaks if you are tested positive for GBS. If not, then you are told to wait until 5 minute-contractions start.

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