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Birth story: The long-awaited arrival of Lucas Taylor

newborn baby - birth storyOn the 5th of November I noticed only one movement from bubs but didn’t think anything of it.

The next day I was counting movements and I didn’t feel any for the whole day so I went in for monitoring. After 5 minutes searching for a heartbeat they found it and I was reassured that everything was OK.

Over the next couple of days I was in and out of hospital for monitoring and after the fifth day of monitoring the hospital kept me in all day with nurses sitting by the bed for hours trying to feel movements.

I overheard the doctors talking about inducing me but wasn’t sure if I heard correctly so I didn’t speak up. At 8pm that night a nurse came in and explained what was going to happen and that someone will be in to put in the Cervidil.

The Cervidil was put in at 9pm on the November 10 and I was told the induction procedure would start at 6am the next day.

My waters were broken at 6am on November 11 and I was having contractions instantly lasting a minute and about a minute apart. I went through 4 hours of strong contractions before I even tried the gas. After using it through two contractions I ended up vomiting so I didn’t use it anymore. I continued my labour with contractions getting worse and at 1pm I gave in to the pain and asked for an epidural..

Within the hour I had the epidural and from 2pm I was calm and friendly. Over the next couple of hours Lucas’s heart rate started to become erratic and I needed internal monitoring. Lucas was facing upwards and needed to turn so they came back to check after and hour and he had turned to the right position so the first scalp monitor was removed and a second was placed on his poor head.

His heart rate did not improve at all and started to drop dramatically low so I was checked at 6.30pm to see how far I had dialated after 12 hours of labour and I had only made it to 4cm. The decision was made, for Lucas’s safety, to have an emergency c-section.

The rest all happened so fast and at 7.24pm on November 11 – Lucas Taylor was born, weighing 8 pound 1 ounce (length 52cm, head circumference 35.5cm).

I was in recovery for two hours and didn’t get to meet my son till 9.30pm but it was worth the wait – my little boy is absolutely beautiful and puts a smile on my face each and every single day.


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