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Birth story: ‘It was the longest four minutes of my life’

Labour and birth story“I’d been extremely lucky with my pregnancy, no morning sickness and no complications throughout and we’d decided not to find out what we were having.

At my 40-week appointment I was given two options, wait another 10 days to see if labour would happen or book the induction. I was all for the induction as I had my show at 39 weeks with no signs of labour progressing naturally and once my OB did her scan she was all for it too, my fluid levels were very low and it was decided that this bub needed to come out. I was booked in for my Induction 2 days later.

Induction Day!

At 7am my OB broke my waters, nothing came out! At 7.30am I was hooked up to the oxytocin drip. My OB said she would be back around lunchtime to check on me.

At 9.30am I had not had any contractions, so they increased the amount of oxytocin from 20 to 40, still nothing, so up again to 60 … nothing, by 10.30am it was up to 80!

Well, that did the trick within 5 minutes I had the most incredible pain and my contractions had started. I was 2cm dilated. On went the TENS machine and full steam ahead.

I needed to use the toilet something shocking so they disconnected my monitor and off I went. I had three of the strongest contractions while on the toilet with nothing but my TENS and my husband telling me how to count … funny what you remember.

When I got back to the bed they gave me gas, which did nothing, and I was only 3cm dilated. My contractions were four minutes apart, and not getting any closer.

Well, gravity has a way of helping things along because I was in the most incredible pain I have ever experienced in my life and I was looking at my husband telling him I can’t do another 9 – 12 hrs of this. ‘Get Mum! She’ll tell me to suck it up and get me refocused!’

As Mum was walking in the door 10 minutes later, I was being jabbed with pethidine (which hurt more than the contraction!) and I was yelling at the midwife ‘I need to push’ she looked at me like I was joking but checked anyway and sure enough there I was all 10cm done … 7cm in 45 minutes. Whoa! And still only four minutes apart.

My OB appeared and it was game on, she looked at me and said ‘I have to give you an episiotomy and you are going to push this baby out now’. Well I pushed and felt the head come out and then my contraction stopped. I couldn’t push, I had nothing left and this terrible pain, ‘the baby is stuck, you have to push’. But I couldn’t.

It was the longest four minutes of my life, waiting for that contraction watching their faces as they grew more concerned for my baby’s life, I remember them saying, ‘if we don’t get this baby out with this contraction it won’t make it’.

If you ever needed motivation there it was, I pushed with every ounce of my being, this baby was coming out now, contraction or no contraction, thankfully there was a contraction and my beautiful girl was born safe and healthy.

My official labour was 2hrs and 33mins, my fluid never came and there was no sign of a leak prior to labour. My beautiful girl is now a happy five-month-old.”


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