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Birth Story: ‘If that’s the way he needed to enter the world, then so be it’

birth storyAt 40+1 days, I was over being pregnant.

I decided to try taking evening primrose oil tablets – two every four hours throughout the day, and then inserted four vaginally that night. I was determined to get my baby out!

At 2am the next morning I went to the loo (every 2 hours as usual!) and while wiping myself, I ‘peed’ on my hand. Very confused and thinking it might just be oil from the EPO tablets, I kept wiping. To find more liquid was coming out. I popped on a pad and called the midwife.

Halfway through explaining why on earth anyone would put EPO tablets up there, I laughed and a huge gush of my waters came out.

The midwife wanted to know the colour of the waters, and to my disappointment, I had to inform my midwife they were yellow/green. The baby had pooped in me

Once we got to hospital, I was informed that none of my birth wishes were possible (delayed cord clamping, little to no interventions) as I needed my labour to be augmented with hormones to get things happening as quickly as possible.

Within an hour, I was high on gas, and unable to time the gas with the contractions. I requested an epi.

Clear headed with the epi, and fully dilated by 10am the same day, I was told to start pushing at 11am.

After 2 hours of being unable to push my son out, the doctors decided to help with the vacuum. A cut had to be made to assist, however my son’s shoulders tore me to a 3rd degree tear.

Not five minutes later, I was holding Connor in my arms, weighing a healthy 4.42kg!

My first comment? ‘He’s ugly!’

While gazing at my newborn, the doctor and a trainee began to encourage my placenta out. Once this was done, all hell seemed to break loose. The small birthing room filled with what seemed to be near 20 people. I could hear the doctors repeating ‘I don’t know where the bleeding is coming from’.

I found out later, due to the extended pushing, large baby and a piece of retained membrane, I had lost 2.2L of blood.

Once the bleed had been stopped, the room emptied and I was sewn back up and then left in peace with my BF and brand new baby.

While it was a traumatic birth, it was so so worth it. I love my little man with all my heart, and if that’s the way he needed to enter the world, then so be it!

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Image credit: yanlev/ 123RF Stock Photo

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