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Birth story: ‘I gave one push and my baby girl entered the world’

birthstory-lauraI gave birth to my 4th child in my car while my partner was driving to the hospital.

I went into labour at home on the 7th of January 2010 at 12.55 am when I was just 38 weeks pregnant. I got up to go to the toilet and just before I got back into bed I was hit with an almighty pain. I instantly knew it was going to be fast – just not as fast as it happened.

My partner got up and called our babysitter who lived around the corner. I also called my mum to come in as she was going to be there when my baby was born. She could tell it was going to be quick but had to make a 20 minute trip into town from where she lived. Once the sitter arrived we got straight in the car to head to the hospital.

At this stage, it’s just after 1 am. Contractions were extreme but only last 10-15 seconds. I was worried that the contractions weren’t lasting long and worried they weren’t going to dilate me enough. I was feeling extremely scared and was worried that something would happen to my baby.

We were about 2 minutes away from hospital and I called my mum on her mobile as I knew then that she wouldn’t make it for the birth. I was crying because I was frightened at how quick it was all happening. So while my partner was still driving, I screamed at him to pull over but he wouldn’t as he just wanted to make it to the hospital. But I could feel my baby’s head was about to be born so while my partner was still driving and my mum was giving me words of encouragement through the phone I gave one push and my baby girl entered the world. It was very scary as I was sitting upright in the front seat of the car and as her head came out I was feeling to make sure the cord wasn’t wrapped around her neck. Thankfully all was okay.

Just as she was born we pulled into the emergency driveway at our hospital and my partner ran inside to get help. I was snuggling my newborn and just glad it was over. She was born at 1.15 am so a 20 minute labour. However both my baby and I went into shock, so once they cut the cord she had to be taken straight inside and out of the cold to be checked over. My mum arrived just as this was happening so she went inside the hospital to be with my baby while my partner and I stayed in the car where the midwife made me deliver my placenta before moving me from the car. Because my body was in shock, it took around 45 minutes for everything to happen and I was so upset that I had to be separated from my baby for all that time.

Once everything was delivered I was wheel-chaired into the hospital to be reunited with my daughter. I was so very very frightened for that entire labour, but once we were reunited all that fear left and I was so happy to have a daughter who was healthy and strong. I quickly asked her not to be in such a rush for anything else for the rest of her life.

I named her Ruby and she was my first girl and my 4th baby.

All my labours have been quick. Just not that quick. I have since had a 5th bub and I was so organised for a home birth but ended up having a induction on my due date.


Thanks to mum Laura for sharing her incredible birth story with us.
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