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Birth story: A failed induction and elective c-section

Birth Story - failed inductionI was 37+1 weeks on the eve of Mothers’ Day when I decided to go on a movie date with hubby.

I thought it would be nice to fit in one last movie date before life became hectic with the arrival of our baby boy. We watched an action/suspense movie and I thought it was so intense that I was having Braxton Hicks the whole time we were in the cinema.

Got home and went to sleep without any problems but woke up in the middle of the night as our baby was moving a lot in my tummy which I thought was odd, he wasn’t much of a mover throughout my whole pregnancy.

I thought, “Hmm, something might happen soon”.

True enough, I woke up soaking as my waters broke early morning of Mothers’ Day. I was so excited at the thought of giving birth on that special day. Went to hospital to get checked and was told to go home and have plenty of rest and wait for labour to start.

Well, it didn’t …

The very next morning at 7am,  I went back to the hospital for an examination and was told my cervix was still long and that I would have to start induction by Syntocinon drip. I was on the drip by 8am and a monitor was attached to me to keep track of contractions and make sure Cedric was doing OK throughout the induction.

We started off on 6ml/hr which was doubled every 30 minutes. By 2pm, I was on 144 ml/hr. Still no labour. Strange thing though, the monitor was showing I was having four intense contractions within a 10 minute duration which normally indicates an established labour but I wasn’t feeling any pain.

By 8pm I was taken off the drip and had another vaginal examination. No change in the cervix, it wasn’t even soft yet. I was told to stay in the birthing suite overnight just in case labour started on its own.

It still didn’t …

The obstetrician came in the morning and asked me if I wanted to give the induction another go or did I want to have a c-section as by that time, it was already 48 hours since my waters broke and was told that the longer it got, the higher the risk of infection.

I had my heart set on having a natural birth and as Cedric’s heartbeat was pretty steady throughout the whole process, I chose to give the induction another go. I was on the drip from 9am. By 1:30pm my OB came in to do another examination. Still no change in the cervix. By this time I was very anxious as I have been on the drip for a total of 16hrs and still no labour! We were given the option to either continue with the induction until 8pm or give up and just get the baby out via c-section.

We opted to have a c-section as I didn’t want to risk Cedric catching any infection from having prolonged ruptured membranes. We made the decision by 2pm and we welcomed our healthy baby boy Cedric at 3:02pm. I was told by my OB that it was a good call on our part as my cervix didn’t look like it was going to dilate any time soon. I still have no idea why the induction failed but was just grateful that my baby was healthy and happy.


Thanks to Roanne for sharing her birth story with us.
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