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Birth story: ‘A wonderful experience for all of us’

birthstory-emilyI did a lot of research while were trying to conceive to decide where we were going to birth our baby. After many discussions, we decided to meet with a private home birth midwife.

As it is an uncommon way to birth, my husband was reluctant at first to have our baby at home, but once we met with our midwife his fears were gone and from then on we were planning a home water birth.

I was fortunate enough to have a pleasant pregnancy, but I was convinced that our baby would be born before their estimated due date. Alas, this was not the case. By the time our baby’s estimated due date came around I was so ready to meet our little bundle of joy. I wasn’t over it in the true sense, I was still sleeping through the night and wasn’t that uncomfortable, I was just getting impatient to meet our baby.

In the wee hours of Friday, 25th October – my birthday – (8 days overdue) I awoke to some cramping and a ‘wet’ feeling, suspecting that things might have been starting. I got up and went to the toilet to see what was going on, and my mucous plug was coming away. Over the next 30 minutes, I roughly timed my contractions. They were relatively regular, even at this early stage. I got up to go to the toilet again some time later, my hubby woke up and started fretting, thinking I had fallen out of bed. I let him know that he wouldn’t be going to work that day as we were finally going to meet our baby!

birth story-emilyI asked him to start setting up the birth pool and I got up and bounced on a gym ball. Our midwife arrived at around 6:30am and performed checks throughout the day. We also had a student midwife and secondary midwife who came at 10am and 1pm respectively. Our birth team was here and they were an amazing support for hubby and me!

Many weeks earlier, our midwife has told us that she suspected that baby may have their cord around their neck and that we would need to be aware of this during labour. My labour slowed down at one point as baby was in a funny position and couldn’t get into my pelvis properly. After some jiggling, stretching, and lunging, baby was in the right position and things were moving again. I did need to have my waters broken and once this happened the contractions were coming very strongly and I knew we were close. I had read stories of how your body just starts pushing and you have no control over it – boy is this true! As our midwife suspected, our baby had their cord around their neck. She quickly un-looped it and let me continue birthing our baby’s body. I don’t have another birth to compare to but birthing in the water was an amazing experience. I was in minimal pain and didn’t experience any tearing.

We decided to keep the gender of our baby a surprise and we couldn’t wait to find out! Our baby boy, Henry Charles was born at 8:10pm, Friday 25th October 2013 at home in the water into his daddy’s arms. We delayed cord clamping and had immediate skin-to-skin, a wonderful experience for all of us.

I have to say that the care we received during my pregnancy, labour, birth, and postnatally was second to none. For women who are low risk I would recommend home birth to you; it is an amazing experience and you develop a beautiful relationship with your midwife.


Thanks to mum Emily for sharing her beautiful birth story with us.
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