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Babywearing – fun and saves you money!

I was writing a piece about pets. I was waiting out the end of my pregnancy and writing about our low- maintenance cat. It was lack lustre and uninspired. Then last Sunday I had my baby and after settling into a new routine in life I was inspired again! Just as an aside I haven’t actually figured out how to make a profit from babywearing … but it can save you lots of money!

As I type this I have our beautiful baby girl snuggled in a sling at my chest. This one is borrowed but I have seen the same ones on online auction sites for $5- $40. I have had bubby in to walk to the markets (where I bought immaculate baby girls clothes for $1 a piece!) and yesterday baked my own biscotti and banana cake (saves on lunch box fillers) while wearing the sling. I also avoid the massive expense of a pram which can regularly cost $1200 these days. Admittedly I have several slings and a soft carrier, but the price of all of these together is still less than a lower mid-range pram and the benefits are much greater than just saving money.

Babies who are “worn” tend to be more settled and less fussy, suffer less from colic and are generally more secure than babies who aren’t worn and mums suffer less from post natal depression. Also it is easier to pack a soft carrier into a nappy bag than lug a pram about the place and baby is more portable.

Post-natal exercise can be easier, you can use the growing weight of the baby to increase your workout when you walk (saves on gym fees too!). Because baby is with you most of the time you won’t feel the need to buy all sorts of unnecessary extras like playgyms, swings etc (fun but exxy and not needed!) and you can potentially save more money by “getting on with things” with baby strapped to you rather than buying in or paying someone else to do it (such as scratch cooking, cleaning etc).

There is a danger of buying too many carriers (they are addictive! And some are so gorgeous!) But have a look at prams again … you can buy a lot of carriers for the price of a pram and baby will be happier with you. I may have mentioned once or twice (or more times…) that I love our carrier and it is going to be used for our newest bub too having carried the two sons until they were three (and then they were too wriggly to carry!) so it has earned its place! (A word on carriers – there is a thriving industry of fakes out there, they look great to me but I have no idea of their safety so if you do choose that brand make sure you do your homework – there are also many other soft carriers similar now made by reputable brands – probably best to save your money by using your carrier heaps rather than buying knock-off carriers from online auctions with unknown safety standards).

So if you have a baby on the way or are umming and ahhing about which pram to buy, I strongly encourage you to find out about babywearing.

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  1. Baby carriers are definitely one of the big essentials for me in having a baby. I can relate with your point on being able to get on with things and move about freely with baby. In the early baby days when my DS wanted (and needed) to be carried and held a lot, I found my sling to be the best thing that kept my sanity… better than standing/sitting/lying next to the cot/rocker/bed, patting or shusshing him to try and settle him… just pop him into my sling and get on with my day!

  2. Congratulations on your new little girl! Hope you’re all enjoying the newborn baby bliss bubble!
    Love the post too! I decided to buy a baby carrier when baby number 2 was born rather than upgrade to a double pram or buy a new pram. I couldn’t believe how much calmer things were with the carrier. The first outing with baby number 1 was a nightmare, involving lots of tears (mine and his). The first outing with baby number 2 was amazing. She slept in the carrier and then when she woke up she was so content! Priceless!

    • Thanks Rebecca!I I just went grocery shopping and bub was just fine and happy, I am confident taking her anywhere is I have a carrier and I can take the boys for a walk and hold their hands whilst bubby snuggles in her sling, babywearing get’s the job done!



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