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Baby gender selection methods – influence the sex of your baby

Two storks each with a baby one girl and one boyThroughout history there have been many old wives’ tales about baby gender – some to guess the sex of your baby when you’re pregnant and others regarding ways to influence the gender before conception.

Hippocrates believed a man’s right testicle produced boys and the left produced girls, so men tied string around one testicle during intercourse to prevent the ‘undesired’ sperm from leaving their body!

More recent research shows first-born babies are more often boys, whereas older couples and males who are highly stressed are more likely to have girls.

If you are trying for a boy or girl, here are some tips that may improve your chances.

Gender selection methods for a BOY

  • Eat foods high in sodium and potassium – including meat, fish, fruit, white bread and other refined products, tea, coffee, cola and soft drinks.
  • Douching – the use of a mildly alkaline douche prior to intercourse may help. Dissolve 5 grams of baking soda or bicarbonate soda in half a litre of water and wash the vaginal area with it.
  • Orgasm – the alkaline secretion released during a female orgasm is favourable to the male sperm. Therefore females that experience orgasm in synchronisation (just prior or with) the male orgasm may assist in improving the chances of a boy.
  • Intercourse positions – deep vaginal penetration from the rear or the classically known ‘doggy style’ position may help to avoid many of the male sperm from being destroyed as the cervical entrance is more alkaline than the more acidic environment of the vaginal area.
  • Timing of intercourse – abstaining from sex for several days prior to the ‘ideal’ conception time may increase the sperm-pooling effect and the percentage of possible male sperm. Intercourse should be timed to synchronise as close to the female’s ovulation as possible (preferably on the day).
  • Cool the testicles – having cold showers and wearing loose-fitting clothing and underwear such as boxer shorts may be beneficial for a boy.

Gender selection methods for a GIRL

  • Eat foods high in calcium and magnesium – including milk, fish, eggs, yoghurt, green vegetables, sugar and nuts.
  • Douching – the use of a mildly acidic douche prior to intercourse may help. Add 20ml of white vinegar in half a litre of water and wash the vaginal area with it.
  • Orgasm – the female should not orgasm on the ‘ideal’ conception day/s to increase the odds of having a girl. This may avoid making the vaginal environment too alkaline, which can favour the male sperm’s chances.
  • Intercourse positions – shallow penetration may be better in the ‘missionary’ position or face-to-face technique, where the male penetrates the vagina on top of the female. The male is required to ejaculate as he is withdrawing from the vagina closer to the entrance.
  • Timing of intercourse – increase intercourse at the beginning of the cycle to help lower the male type of sperm therefore increasing the odds of a girl. Unlike when trying for a boy, no abstinence from sex is required as lower sperm counts of your male partner may increase your odds of having a girl. Mid-afternoon intercourse is also recommended because the male’s testosterone is normally low during this time.
  • Warm the testicles – heat from wearing tight clothing may also lower the male type sperm numbers.
  • Full moon intercourse – studies have shown that having intercourse at the time of a full moon shows a very high conception rate of female babies. The science behind some of these theories is not completely understood.

There are no guarantees, of course, but if you would like to influence the sex of your baby, it’s got to be worth a try!

– by naturopath Jason Jackson, author of Making Babies

Image credit: dazdraperma/123RF Stock Photo

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  1. Cola and coffee are part of an acidic diet. Green vegetables would help with a boy while cola for a girl. Do you do research? I’m a nutritionist and your info on acid and alkaline foods are way of base.



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