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Sliding doors: my apology to tradies everywhere

baby brain mascot with childWelcome back to the Baby Brain Humour blog. It was so great to hear from so many mums after my post last week. Seems there are many of us out there experiencing baby brain!

For me, last week began on an interesting note.  There’s a tradie on the North Shore who encountered a mum (me) waiting at an elevator on Monday. The story goes something like this …

This tradesman and I are standing waiting for the lift. He has his arms completely full of some sort of building equipment – me, I’m pushing a pram. Lift arrives and he very kindly puts down one arm full of gear to hold the door open for me.

I step in and thank him … and let the door close behind me. I turn around just as the doors close and the last thing I see is the look on his face. I’m going with a look of bewilderment as to why I didn’t hold it for him, but if I’m honest that wasn’t it at all … he would probably describe me as plain rude. Me on the other hand, I would say “blame it on the baby brain – seriously!”

Another Baby Brain story I heard last week was from Bec, a friend of mine. I was in fits of laughter as I could just picture Bec in this hopelessly hilarious baby brain moment.

“I’m at a hotel. Packed all my bags, went downstairs to reception to check out. The lady looked at me confused, asking why I’m checking out early. Me, slowly realising I’m here for another night! I quickly grabbed my bags and scurried back to my room.”

Another story which I found myself thinking of whilst dressing little D this morning was from another reader Adrianne.

“When our third child was about 15 months, I was rushing out the door when I realised his nappy needed changing. I quickly changed it, popped on his pants and strode to the door, yelling at the kids to “hurry up”. They came, except the 15-month-old who I kept calling. Eventually I went to his room to find him struggling to walk as I had hurriedly put both his legs in one pant leg (AKA. ‘The mermaid’).”

I don’t think after reading this I’ll ever look at a pair of D’s trousers the same!

And this last story, shared by Melissa, may actually be of assistance should you ever be in the situation where you just can’t locate that poopy nappy smell, or you just fancy wasting five minutes – because of course we mums have soooo much free time!

“After walking into my newborn’s nursery today and smelling a dirty nappy, I proceeded to turn the place upside down looking for the misplaced culprit. Thinking my husband or I may have accidentally missed it, I searched her change table and all its storage, under her cot, in her dirty clothes basket, in her toy buckets, behind the door, in her cupboard and draws… It was only after a good five minutes of searching that I thought to actually check her nappy. Whoops!”

Until next week, and just remember you have an excuse for being a little muddled, everyone else doesn’t.

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