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Tasha Jennings

Tasha Jennings holds degrees in naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine and has over 10 years experience in the field. Tasha has extensive experience in clinical practice and is also an expert writer, trainer and presenter. Tasha is a regular keynote speaker at medical and health conferences and also runs trainings and seminars for medical and other health care professionals.

Tasha is an active and ongoing contributor to major media publications including newspapers, magazines, medical journals and websites. Continually inspired by innovative research in her field, Tasha progressed into product and program development. She has been instrumental in the development of prominent vitamin and supplement ranges as well as a successful pharmaceutical health and weight loss program. Combining her clinical and business skills, Tasha recently established her own company Zycia, meaning ‘life’. Zycia specializes in pre and postnatal nutrition to support life in its earliest stages and help provide optimal outcomes for mother and baby.

Tasha is now a new mum herself and enjoys using her knowledge to inspire others to live healthier, happier lives.


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