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Tabatha Conroy

My name is Tabatha and I love sharing all of my experiences as a mother, writer and seasoned traveler.

I have lived and loved in Amsterdam The Netherlands for about ten years and then lived, loved and given birth in Shanghai China for two and a half years.

Now after returning to my beautiful city of Sydney, with all I have seen and learnt, I am determined to get my stories and daily antidotes out there!


Most recent posts

Eating in the raw

This is my second day on the 28-day raw food program and it's becoming interesting and well.... purple! My once very, extremely satisfying coffee has now been replaced with something called 'blood builder juice'. I know, it sounds like an action movie, and surprisingly a big 'S' did appear on my chest, I kid you not.

You say JA and I say … YEAH!

The moral of this story, of raising a bilingual kid is this; don’t give up! They will hate you for it when they’re older (and let’s face it, there will be enough of that during puberty, so avoidance is necessary!) you will be amazed at how easily they pick up new languages once they have two under their belt.



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