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Suzy Mac

Suzy Mac is a former finance journo and travel writer turned culinary challenged kid wrangler, jigsaw jockey and lunch boxer. When maternity leave morphed into unemployment she began developing her Perfectly Imperfect Parenting blog Rugrat Rodeos.

Writing about world economic trends has given way to anecdotes of dubious parenting skills, along with craft projects, and lunchbox ideas for food-preparation-phobics. Her travel writing now includes excess baggage of the two legged kind.


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Revenge is a dish best served LOUD

The neighbours are driving me nuts. The 3, 4, and 5am screaming matches and tipping over metal garden furniture onto brick pavers is seriously un-fun. Especially since their nocturnal playground is directly under our bedroom window.


Manners apply to Facebook and there are some boundaries that shouldn't be crossed.



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