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Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell is the busy mother of three fantastic boys all on the Autism Spectrum. As well as being a Mum and a writer, she runs two photography businesses with her husband. In her spare time she pastors to kids, runs an entertaining playgroup, and is a mad woman on skates whilst playing roller derby. (AKA Bustin’ Bubbles). Currently, she is writing her second book that takes a humorous look at living with three children with Aspergers Syndrome and keeping lots of parents entertained with her very popular blog


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Apparently, I had whooping cough

The day I found out I had whooping cough I felt sick. I wasn’t just sick from the horrible disease that was stopping me breathing, I was sick with guilt as I looked down at my 2-week-old son and his two young brothers. What had I done, had I unknowingly infected my whole family?



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