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Julie Fison is a mother of two boys, travel writer and an author of books for children and young adults. Her first fiction series for young readers, Hazard River, is action-packed adventure with an environmental twist. Julie has also written several titles for a new teen series, called Smitten.

Before having children Julie worked as a television reporter in Australia, then Asia and Europe. She has shaken hands with an orang-utan in Borneo, travelled the Mekong River on a barge, with only rat soup for sustenance and survived an attack by a rogue garfish. She currently lives in Brisbane where she writes, conducts workshops for students, manages homework crises, arbitrates on gaming infringements, and juggles the many other challenges of family life.


Most recent posts

Welcome to the mothers-of-boys’ tribe

I spend my life neck-deep in stinky, noisy, dangerous boys’ stuff. I can only look on longingly at the parade of beautiful girls all dressed up and ready for their big events – their pictures plastered all over Facebook.

Social media etiquette for parents

It goes without saying that as a parent of a teenager, I am bound to be embarrassing no matter what I do. Here are a few suggestions for avoiding awkward parent moments and things that parents should expect of their teens when using social media.

Tips for descriptive writing

When writing, you need to use words to describe the images in your head. Good description helps to draw in the reader and helps to make the story more exciting - here are some tips for writing descriptions.

The truth about lies

Like every other parent I know, I have tried to instill in my children the importance of honesty. Yet, I have certainly told my fair share of white lies in my time – to trick my boys into eating things, to protect their feelings and their innocence.

Driving to Uluru (well not all the way, obviously)

But if, like me, you’re a bit too soft for that, there is another way to experience the outback in all its heart-stopping majesty and that’s by taking a short cut – flying into Alice Springs, renting a 4WD and taking the back road to Uluru, via the unsealed Mereenie Loop Road.

The definition of fun

Mothers are generally a risk averse lot, and I, having spent far too much time in hospitals and specialist rooms in the past few months, am a particularly risk-averse mother...

I didn’t see that coming

I love holidays. But I find the planning stage extremely time-consuming and stressful. Will the accommodation be as good as it looks on the web?  Have I got the best...



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