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Erica Barlow

Erica Barlow is an English expat who, having had enough of SAD, settled for the warmer shores/better coffee of Sydney four years ago.

Now mum to two-year-old Anton and mum-to-be to The Imminent Arrival, she divides her time between writing, teaching English and hanging out with her boys.

She rarely gets time to relax but if she did, she wouldn’t have half as much to write about. This includes, of course, the new book Here’s Looking at You, Baby that she’s written and illustrated in full colour (see blog below for details).


Most recent posts

My son and bums

As with so many on-the-spot tantrum quenchers, I begin to realise the rod I've made for my own back. The problem is it's created a fixation in my son for his – and other people's – nether regions.



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