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Adrienne Buckingham

Adrienne is an optimistic traveller who, while seeking a life less ordinary, settled herself in the suburbs of New Zealand. She is a mother to three girls, a stepmother to one boy and a teacher to about 120 teenagers a day.

Adrienne lives a very ordinary life punctuated with hot drinks, exercise, wine and a fair bit of good company.

She is a founding member of The Ink Pot Collective, Dunedin and Positive Education Aotearoa (The PEA Pod)


Most recent posts

4 mantras you need for motherhood

The more procreating I've gotten up to, the more people populate my household, the more I've needed mindfulness meditation and the less I've done it. Ironic isn't it? Here are some ways to use mantras for motherhood to lessen the stress.

Baking the ‘stay-at-home-mum’ cake …

I am not a cake baker. I’m not a gardener. I’m not knitter. I don’t DIY. I am not any of the things I idealised about my mother who was a really good homemaker. I do not live up to my expectations of what a mother at home should be. I am barely baking the cake, forget the fondant.



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