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Are you an expert at watching Peppa Pig? Take our quiz!

Peppa PigIf you understood the reference to Daddy Pig in the title of this post then you’re already well on your way to expert status.

But you’ll have to take the “Peppa Pig Quiz for Parents who Watch Too Much Peppa Pig” to know for sure.

Of course, if you’re busier than Miss Rabbit today, then why not bookmark this page and come back later … once the little piggies have gone to bed!

The Peppa Pig Quiz for Parents who watch too much Peppa Pig!

1. What is the name of George’s favourite toy?

2. Which computer game do Peppa and her family like playing?

3. Who drives the bus?

4. Who works at the supermarket?

5. Which character crushes cars at the recycling centre, flies a helicopter, sells tickets at Windy Castle, runs an icecream van and is a dental nurse, a librarian and volunteer firefighter?

Miss Rabbit helicopter

6. Who drives the tow truck?

7. In which sport does Daddy Pig hold the world record?

8. What was baby Alexander’s first word?

9. What is the name of Peppa’s pet goldfish?

10. Which TV star came to town to open a new sports centre?

11. What costume does Suzy Sheep like to dress up in?

Peppa Pig - Granny and Grandpa Pig12. True or False? Granny and Grandpa Pig are Daddy Pig’s parents.

13. Who is Grandpa Pig’s best friend?

14. Who is the postman?

15. Who is “a clever clogs”?

16. Daddy Pig claims to be an expert at many things but which of these is he actually quite good at? a) computers b) reading maps c) French d) flipping pancakes e) diving f) space.

Peppa Pig17. Who is Madame Gazelle?

18. Which character likes to sing sea shanty blues songs like this: “I woke up this morning … the sea was still there … and so was the sky … the sea, the sky, the sea, the sky …”

19. What is Peppa’s favourite toy?

20. Which character gave birth to twins in one episode?



(one point for every correct answer):

1. Mr Dinosaur

2. Happy Mrs Chicken

3. Miss Rabbit

4. Miss Rabbit

5. Miss Rabbit

6. Grandad Dog (give yourself a point if you answered “not Miss Rabbit!”)

7. Puddle Jumping

8. Puddle

9. Goldie

10. Mr Potato

11. Nurse costume

12. False. They are Mummy Pig’s parents

13. Grandad Dog

14. Mr Zebra

15. Edmund Elephant

16. e) diving

17. Peppa’s playgroup teacher

18. Grampy Rabbit

19. Teddy

20. Mummy Rabbit



Wow. You’re a full-blown fan aren’t you? You probably watch Peppa Pig even when the kids are sleeping.

I love to watch Peppa Pig, You love to watch Peppa Pig, We ALL love to watch Peppa Pig … but we’re not obsessed though are we? It is just good for a laugh.

You’ve obviously caught a few episodes but you must be one of those sensible parents who use the five minutes of peace that Peppa Pig gives you to do something useful – like wash the dishes or play Candy Crush.

Hmmm … Are you sure you’re not watching Olivia?

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