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A school holiday ‘Mumiator’

Are you finding that that the school holidays are demanding much more internal fortitude and stamina than the rest of the year put together?

Are you nevertheless meeting the challenge of keeping your kids entertained head on with little regard for your personal stress levels and household budget? If yes, then you are what was known in ancient Roman times as a ‘Mumiator’.

You are a fearless warrior Mum who laughs in the face or crowds, queues, heat and limited parking to give your children an enriching and memorable holiday experience. Your weapons of choice are the backpack, cooler bag and Cancer Council approved sunhats.

I myself am Mumabulous Awesomus Maximus.

I’m a mighty school holiday warrior despite the fact that neither of my kids have started school yet. Imagine how fearsome I will be once my youngest hits high school? I have thus far endured three weeks without childcare.  My husband retreated to the sanctuary of his workplace at the earliest opportunity leaving me as a lone wolf to battle the demands of my girls aged 5 and 3. Rarely content to play with their toys or sit in front of DVDs, they insist upon an outing every day.

So far we’ve done a few big ticket items like The Cat In The Hat show at the Opera House, Manly Sealife Sanctuary and Waterworld at The Entertainment Quarter Moore Park. The latter was like three standard backyard paddling pools on steroids flanked by towering inflatable water slides. I risked permanent injury to my derriere rescuing my three-year-old from a relatively small slide only to be ticked off by the so called “life guards”.  Apparently adults are not allowed on the inflatables.

Being in Sydney’s East we’ve spent an inordinate amount of time at the beach. To the uninitiated this may sound relaxing but supervising two little ones by the seaside without any adult help is not for the faint hearted. You have to keep your eagle eye trained on both of them at all times despite the fact that they are often moving rapidly in different directions. All your belongings become encrusted in sand, including your snack bag.

There’s nothing like the crunch of sand granules to add some texture to a plain old banana. If this isn’t enough to drive you to the nearest kiosk for a Cornetto, your kids incessant nagging surely will. God help you if one of your kids needs to go to the toilet and you have to drag the other one out of the water so you can all make the trek back to the amenities block. Worse still is when you need to answer the call of nature and you are forced to take the kids with you rather than leave them unsupervised at the water’s edge. This is a quest more daunting than traveling to the fires of Mordor to destroy the ring.

Despite the fact that my energy is waning and my temper is short I am battling on. Next week I’m planning on taking my girls to the water play park at Darling Harbour. This is a destination so crowded and over priced that it stretches even the patience of a saint to its most extreme limits. In the meantime my peers are dropping like flies. I’ve had a few attempts at setting up play dates aborted due to the other family being “too tired and cranky” to go out. It seems like I am not the only one who is counting down the days until daycare returns and school starts. I’ve got 11 days until my three-year-old goes back to kindy at which time I will collapse like a marathon runner over the finish line.

Do you need a holiday from the school holidays?

photo credit: pmorgan via photopin cc

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