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8 ways to prepare for toilet training

How to prepare for toilet training a toddlerSome toddlers are easier to toilet train, others take longer — and this can be extremely frustrating for parents. Not to mention disgusting. Disgusting and frustrating — nothing can really prepare you for that …

But luckily there are ways to prepare your child for toilet training. And the more prepared they are the more likely they are to get it right sooner rather than later (saving you months of frustration and disgust!).

8 things to do before you start toilet training your toddler…

1. Help your child to recognise when she is doing a poo or pee

When you see the signs you can ask your toddler “are you doing a pee?” or “are you doing a poo?”. You can actually start this as young as you want. Some parents do something similar as part of an early toilet training technique called Elimination Communication.

2. Start using toilet training words …

… and teaching your child to understand and use them. Make sure they are words you are comfortable using (like pee, poo, wee, dry, wet).

3. Decide on potty or toilet

Decide whether you’re going to use a potty or the toilet (with a smaller seat and/or footstool to help you toddler climb up if necessary). A potty is useful because it can be moved around the house. But it can be difficult if your toddler refuses to use a regular toilet when you are out.

4. Let your child watch you …

…or your partner go to the toilet … if this is something you are comfortable with.

5. Make sure your toilet/bathroom is safe

Remove chemicals and hazards from low cupboards and anywhere else your little one can reach.

6. Make sure they are ready

Learn how to recognise the signs your toddler is ready for toilet training.

7. Work out a good time to start

Make sure your child is ready (see the link in point No.6) then schedule a few days where you can stay home and pay close attention to your toddler. The best time to toilet train is when there will be no other major upheavals or distractions. And summer is always easier as there are less clothes to take on and off and they are often easier to remove.

8. Prepare yourself

Toilet training can be an extremely frustrating experience for parents. Make sure you’re in a good place to deal with this possibility. If you’re struggling with any aspect of toilet training you can chat with other parents in our Toilet Training Forum Section.

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