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7 tips for toilet training success

toilettrainingsuccessToilet training can be daunting.

There’s no doubt about it.

While the thought of toilet training may be daunting, it certainly doesn’t have to be scary or difficult while you’re doing it.

Here are some tips we’ve found that will help you and your child on your journey to toilet training success.

1. Recognise the urge

Help your child to recognise when they are doing a poo or pee. Ask them “are you going now?” Once they can recognise when they are going, they can recognise when they need to go and hopefully get to a toilet first.

2. Potty or toilet?

Decide between using a potty or footstool to reach the toilet. A potty is good because you can move it around for easy accessibility, but if they aren’t used to a real toilet, going in public or somewhere without a potty might be harder.

3. Don’t be shy!

Let your child watch when you go to the toilet, if you don’t mind having an audience. This way they can ask questions about what you’re doing if they want to, and hopefully garner an interest in going to toilet “just like mum or dad does”.

4. Appropriate dress

Put them in clothes that are easy to take off and put on. If they’re in a hurry, you don’t want buckles, buttons, or 5 layers to contend with before they can go. This is why summer is a popular season for toilet training.

5. Timing is key!

Choose the right time. Try not to start toilet training right when there are about to be disruptions in your child’s life and routine – like going on a holiday, starting childcare, moving house, or having a new baby. You need to devote a lot of time to your toddler, so distractions or disruptions could hold back their learning.

6. Take the lead

If you can predict when your child will need to go to the toilet, take them their yourself. Sit them on the toilet, talk to them about why you brought them there, and wait until they’re finishing going. Soon enough, they’ll recognise the time or the signs and take themselves to the toilet.

7. Positive praise

Praise them well. Even if it wasn’t perfect – they didn’t make it in time, or weren’t able to go once they got there – praise them for trying and taking the right steps.

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