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7 things I miss about babywearing

The tiny baby I used to cradle in my arms has now grown into a robust and active little boy.

Now as much as I love my boy to bits  – and enjoy the fact that he’s growing more and more independent – there are moments when I look wistfully back on his baby days and reflect on some of my favourite things during that stage of his life that I miss now.

One of the things I miss most about his baby days is babywearing.

So, here are top 7 things I miss most about babywearing

1. The Convenience

Being able to be freed-up to do other things while bubby watches contentedly perched on my back/hip/chest. All babies want and need to be carried and held, so it’s wonderful to be able to give my bub the closeness and comfort he needs whilst carrying on doing other stuff. People always ask me how I was able to be so productive around the house with a baby… and my answer? Babywearing!

2. The ease of mobility

Being able to easily pop bub on quickly while out and about. Often when I need to run a quick errand like at the post office, I could just pop him on and head out, instead of fiddling around with the stroller. At parties and gatherings, I was always the mum with the funky sling/carrier, munching away at food and moving about chatting to different people.

3. Having a consistent place of comfort and security for bub

No matter where I was, I could always count on my sling/carrier as a sure-fire method of calming baby down or putting baby to sleep if he’s tired or fussy. Another frequent comment I get when people see bubby sleeping peacefully in the sling “Your baby is sooo good! How did you manage to do that?” And my answer again is: babywearing!

4. The trendy fashion statement

I don’t deny it, my sling/carrier is intended to double up as a fashion accessory. Motherhood is the big trend now. And nothing beats wearing funky or beautiful sling/carrier to make a big trendy motherhood statement. I wear my baby proudly.

5. The hot daddy babywearer

I confess, one of the sexiest things to me is seeing a great looking dad out and about donning a baby-carrier with a baby strapped to his chest or his back. I always loved the look of my man in babywearing mode and miss seeing that look on him.

6. Treasuring the ‘little-ness’ of baby

When I look at photos of me ‘wearing’ my baby boy, it always makes me look back wistfully on how tiny he used to be. My boy will never be a little baby again. And I really miss the ‘littleness’ of how he was during my frequent babywearing days.

7. The close physical intimacy with baby

As tough as it sometimes felt during times when baby just constantly wanted to be carried or held, I realise now that it was such a brief period of his whole life. I will never share that constant close physical intimacy, those baby snuggles and baby aroma in the same way anymore. I truly treasure that brief stage of his life I was able to enjoy.

I definitely don’t not look upon my babywearing as a burden or a chore. In fact, it was a key tool that enabled me to stay mobile, active and productive, especially during the early stage of constant breastfeeding, rocking and carrying baby.

Babywearing really enabled me to enjoy this great privilege as a mother to be a place of comfort and safety for my little one.

Celebrate babywearing this Babywearing Week 2014 – October 5-11

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2 comments so far -

  1. Could you share some settling tips for calming babies to sleep in baby carriers? I have borrowed a Bjorn carrier as my baby has 3 awake stages: happy anywhere, need to be carried, and needs to be settled to sleep. I am finding the carrier is great when she just needs to be held, but she won’t fall asleep in the carrier from that state and once she’s in the last stage, I still get her out of the carrier to settle her to sleep (and am then left holding her with no hands free- not ideal!).

    • Hi Lansstar… thanks for jumping in with your honest comment and question.
      I’m not sure if there is a straightforward solution to getting baby to fall asleep in a carrier as the old adage “all babies are different” will certainly come up.
      But I’m happy to share my thoughts based on my own personal experience and situation:
      – For me I found my ring sling to be the carrier that my DS found the most soothing and would fall asleep easily in. I do see other mums out and about with an ergo-type carrier and a baby sound asleep in it. But my son somehow never fell asleep in an ergo/ssc carrier even though he would in my ring sling. Perhaps it was due to the semi-lying down position of the ring sling provided unlike the upright position of an ergo/ssc.
      – How old is your bub? I found that as my little one got older, he was less inclined to fall asleep in a carrier as he was just more aware of his surroundings and would prefer to look around. And some babies are just simply more curious and aware than others and need a very specific or quiet environment to fall asleep. If your bub is still very young, perhaps she is still finding her own unique way of settling or calming down. It’s a learning process for both mum and bub.
      – If you want to explore other types of carriers, apart from ergo/ssc types, there are ring slings, pouch slings, mei-tais, and wraps. You can even make a simple new-sew wrap from a long 3m piece of fabric – just go to any fabric store, get it cut, then search online for tutorials on how to wear them.

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