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7 ways to put the spring in your step after baby

Help mums find themselvesIt’s so easy to lose yourself among the dirty nappies and sleepless nights.

Before you know it you’re in pyjamas 24/7, your hairstyle is reminiscent of the oil-slick coat of an otter, and you’ve entirely forgotten (nor do you really care) what day of the week it is.

Yes, there’s a period of time when you have children where there is little choice but to put our “selves” on the back burner, but that period doesn’t need to last forever.

Here are 7 simple ways to put the spring back in your step:


No, don’t reach for your old maternity pants! No, not the yoga pants either! For goodness sake, put on something that resembles casual daywear and run a brush through your hair. Add some colour to your outfit – even if it’s just a necklace or some coloured socks. Attempt to do this before the clock strikes 10am.

2. Open the curtains and a couple of windows

Let as much light as possible into your house. A bit of fresh air will also do you the world of good.

3. Get your hair done

Beg, bribe or pay someone to watch the kids for a couple of hours and go and get your hair done. Even if it’s just washed and blow-dried. Hair is like floors. If they’re clean and polished the rest of what they are attached to looks 10 times better.

4. Start a journal

Note down anything and everything that inspires you. Songs, quotes, pictures, bucket list ideas, photos, stuff that makes you feel alive. Anything that reminds you of who “you” are, or that represents the passions you have buried since you shifted into survival mode.

5. Learn something new

I know this is easier said than done when your life is full up already just trying to keep the kids fed, dressed and alive … but if you can make the time, just an hour a week, the benefits will be tenfold. Learning can prevent boredom, create new passion and energy, build self-confidence, and offer new and exciting experiences. This HAS to be of benefit to not just you, but all those around you.

6. Set yourself a goal

When we’re feeling exhausted and a little lost some days it seems almost impossible to brush our teeth, let alone get up and do something that falls completely outside the realms of our comfort zone. But it’s so important to do things that increase our energy levels. Pick something that’s always challenged you and set yourself a goal to tackle it.

7. Be a kid again

Right now you have the perfect excuse! No one is going to tell you to grow up and act your age if you’re out jumping in puddle, or playing on the trampoline, or building a fort with your child. Just try to spend a little time each week getting down at their level and doing whatever it is they like to do. Let go of your inhibitions. Just ride the wave of fun.

Image credit: mandygodbehear/123RF Stock Photo

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