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6 things to do with kids in Melbourne

thingstodomelbourneIf you’re planning a trip to Melbourne – you have to check out the places on this list! From zoos to adventure parks, you’ll find everything your kids could want and more.


Do your kids love everything to do with science and technology? Scienceworks Melbourne is a fantastic place to bring out their scientific side with interactive and exciting ways. There are all different kinds of hands-on activities in live demonstrations, shows, and guided tours that you and the kids can partake in.

Your kids will be kept active in both body and mind while at Scienceworks, as they present the world of science and technology to you and your kids in a new and innovative way.

Melbourne Zoo

Meet and learn about over 300 different species of exotic and native animals! A visit to Melbourne Zoo will help get your kids engaged with animals and the environments they live in. There are animals like elephants, tigers, and koalas for your kids to see – along with many, many more!

Little ones will love the Butterfly House as all the different species float and flutter around them. Check out all the different interactive events you can experience and book in for, and you and the kids will have a terrific time at the zoo.

Clip ‘n Climb

Rock climbing meets adventure playground at Clip ‘N Climb Melbourne! Any adventurous kid will love to come here and play all day on the rock climbing walls, slides, and more!

Even the smaller kids will love to explore and build up their climbing repertoire, while the big kids will be busy high-flying and burning off more energy than you can put into them (hopefully!). Available for parties too, Clip ‘N Climb is sure to have you wanting more.

Animal Land Children’s Farm

If you’re looking for a day out with some animals, but not the exotic types you find at a zoo, try Animal Land Children’s Farm. Here, your kids can learn all about the different types of animals on a farm and what their jobs are.

You and the kids can experience what farm life is like – all by seeing and trying it out first hand. A friendly, country welcome will greet you at the gate, and definitely makes it a must for curious kids.

Luna Park

You can’t go past the famous Luna Park if you’re visiting Melbourne with the kids, and have the opportunity to go. A theme park with thrill rides for the adventure-lovers, as well as gentler rides for the littler kids.

Luna Park is the optimum for an adrenalin rush on your trip, or if you’re a local looking for a different way to spend the weekend. This isn’t just a trip the kids will love – people of any age can let their hair down at Luna Park!

Trees Adventure

Get out and about in the treetops and take in all the natural wonders that can get your heart racing! A rollercoaster isn’t the only way to get a thrill; attempt the challenging tree top obstacle courses will quench your thrill-seeking thirst – for you and the kids.

Everything is totally tested and secure, so no need to worry and safety – you’re all harnessed up so you’re totally safe! Kids from 4 up can try out the tree top courses – including flying foxes and obstacles for all ages.

For more places to visit, check out our Things to Do with Kids Hub.

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