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5 reasons to be more gentle on yourself

Reasons to be kind to yourselfAs the old saying goes ‘we are our own worst enemy’ and basically it’s true. We can be so hard on ourselves and deal out self punishment at the mere stubbing of a toe.

Our inner dialogue is often clouded with self-deprecating commentary that makes us feel inadequate, powerless and worthless.

It always breaks my heart to see how hard we are on ourselves and a lot of the time it’s completely unnecessary.

Take this advice to heart.

5 reasons you should be more gentle on yourself

You’re just right

You are perfect just the way you are. You were not born with original sin or a born sinner that’s only a concept made up by religion to control people. You were born into a situation or life circumstances so you can learn and grow.

You deserve it

It’s only the judgements on ourselves that cause us to feel bad and feel like we need to be punished. How often have you done something bad and then felt like you were undeserving of forgiveness or love afterwards. We continually beat ourselves up because ‘we’ felt we deserved it, but it can be changed to a learning experience, but merely watching our thoughts and understanding how judgements work.

You’re more than a body

Notice how often you say you don’t like your body or refuse to go skinny dipping because you feel ugly and unattractive. If you can just step back from identifying with your body image for just a few seconds, you can see that’s it’s not actually you. It’s something that is part of you yes, but not the entire part. You can have fun with it, play with it, make it do all sorts of strange things, but you don’t have to get hung up on how it looks compared to others. You have a choice.

You can choose to move on

Regrets, grudges and resentments all hold us back from being the explorers of life that we should be. Holding a grudge only hurts you and most probably the other person no longer give a damn, so you’re left there looking like a goose because you a haven’t moved on and started to enjoy your own life.

It starts with you

When you’re gentle on yourself, you are then gentle on other people and the environment. World peace starts with only you. So if you’re peaceful on the inside, the peace radiates outwards and you become a guiding light for others.

How to be gentle on yourself

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