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5 reasons I am so grateful for my ex

Woman says thank you to her ex husbandListening to Ariana sing her recent song Thank U, Next (I’m so f—–‘ grateful for my ex) made me think about what I could possibly be thankful for in relation to my Mr Ex.

For those of you who don’t know about my journey: Mr Ex, cruelly pulled the rug from out under my feet — my foundation — after 17 years together. So, after a little soul searching and digging deep trying look past the devastation he left behind, I was able to list a few!

Yes, this would have been impossible to do approximately six years ago!

As I write this article, I ponder over the fact that this is still actual therapy even thinking about this and typing, just as boxing was when I first took it on post-separation!

I must say that even though I am thankful to my ex, I still seem to struggle about the human capability of one human to drop and replace a partner they have shared their life with after 17 years for someone else so quickly!

I find myself still working through this particular part, so I may need to write about “THAT” topic when I am wiser!

Here are 5 things I thank you for my Mr Ex

1. My babies

The most amazing gift he gave me. I would have gone through all I did a million times over to have had my babies. From the word go they were the most perfect humans (OK, a little biased!).

2. The ‘firsts’ of a lot of things

Mr Ex introduced me to a lot of new things! Things like rides on catamarans, weekends away, being treated like a lady (I was 19 and had no idea!), firsts tastes for the finer things in life (as he was from a “comfortable” family). I had my first glass of champagne with his family.

3. My first engagement ring

It was small but it was expensive, and he made sure he got the one I liked.

4. His family

They were some of the most decent humans I have ever met even to this day. He was lucky to have called them his parents and I was lucky to be a part of it. OK, so his family felt they had to choose sides and therefore I was slowly ‘let go’.

During my time with them they taught me how to be a good parent, and also how to eat dinner as a family and so much more! Thank you, for always coming to our home on a Tuesday at 7am to take care of my young kids all day so I could go to work.

5. Separation

The spiral into separation was cruel, however the result has been more than anything I could have dreamed about! Separation gave me a rebirth, and a life that made my previous life look like a long hibernation. I feel MORE in everything. Whilst the separation had huge impacts, most of it was a little beyond my control. My situation evolved from my Mr Ex making choices that suited him only, and therefore I was the recipient. So, thank you to my Ex!


Despite the five things above being positive, the journey to say ‘thank you’ to my ex has been a very tough one at times (especially at the beginning). It has taken me quite a few years of self-discovery and time to heal for me to appreciate the positives. My hope for others is that this discovery is bestowed upon you sooner rather than later. Being in a positive state of mind is far better for your vibe and then the rest just flows!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” – unknown (one of my most favourite quotes)

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