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Tips to declutter your bathroom

organised bathroomDecluttering can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start.

A cup of tea and a bikkie certainly sounds far more inviting than emptying a cupboard. So today I want to give you 5 fabulous tips to help you begin.

Knowing where to start and how much time to spend on the process is the key.

Here are my tips for decluttering

Tip 1: Start your decluttering in the bathroom

Why? Because the bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house, and therefore takes the least amount of time to declutter. Plus the bathroom is usually an unemotional place to start. Getting rid of an old shampoo bottle is far easier than deciding what to do with clothing.

Tip 2: Only spend 15 minutes at a time decluttering

This way you can maintain your enthusiasm. Rather like exercise, if you overdo it the first time, chances are you won’t want to continue. The aim is to do short bursts often.

Tip 3: Don’t buy storage containers UNTIL you have thrown out what you don’t need or use

If you have lots of storage containers, you will fill them. Far better to assess what you need after the excess is gone. You save money and space that way.

  • Discard all out of date items. Make-up has an expiry date just like medicine. Anything you haven’t used in 12 months should go.
  • Old shampoo with only centimetres left in the bottom can be poured into small travel shampoo containers or thrown out.
  • Drawer dividers are an excellent way to separate make up, hair elastics, jewellery
  • Shower caddies are great for storing shampoo, soap and body wash, and this way items are kept off the floor of the shower.
  • Hooks on the back of the door are great for hanging dressing gowns, night wear.. anything you may put on after showering. They are easy to access, off the floor and kept dry.
  • Try to store items on shelves rather than under the sink. Under the sink is no-man’s land. The only thing I like to store under the sink is toilet paper. Anything else under there is usually forgotten.

Tip 4: Don’t buy more than one extra of an item. eg extra toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo.

You will be shopping again before you run out of the extra item.

Even though it’s tempting to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper because it’s on special, if you have no where to store them, refrain. Only keep two bath towels per person. One in the wash, one in use. One old towel is enough for emergencies.

Tip 5: Declutter the bathroom while your kids have a bath!

If your kids are old enough to sit in the bath without you holding them, this is the perfect time to declutter. You are able to watch them, and do a quick sweep of the bathroom at the same time.

Just remember, start small and don’t over do it. This should be a quick exercise that won’t drain you. You need to feel happy about what you achieve, so there will be a next time.

Until then happy decluttering.
Lynne Trevail

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