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5 easy decluttering tasks you should be doing in winter

I’m not a fan of winter. Today is too cold and so was yesterday. Tomorrow’s forecast is is also ‘too cold’.

Cold makes me feel like doing nothing. The fact I’m sitting here writing this is just short of a miracle. A Christmas in July miracle. (I’ve also got you a Christmas in July present, it’s at the bottom of the page).

Anyway, this got me thinking, if people can celebrate Christmas in July then why can’t you do your spring cleaning in winter?

Of course, traditionally, spring cleaning is about opening up your home again after you’ve been hibernating/hiding from the cold weather. And it does make sense to wait until the end of winter to go through your winter wardrobe and clean out what you never actually wore (or what you wore out).

But there’s still plenty of decluttering you can do in the colder months. Why not take advantage of the ‘inside weather’ to go through you kitchen cupboards or make use of the school holidays to get the kids to help clear out their wardrobes?

Then when it’s time for spring cleaning, there’ll be less to clean!

Here are 5 easy winter decluttering tasks

Start a ‘donate bag’ for your wardrobe

Grab a big bag and leave it in your wardrobe so any winter clothes that no longer fit or are unsuitable can go straight in there. By the time it’s spring you should have a nice little pile to donate or sell.

Sort out your paperwork

Winter time is also tax time in Australia so why not take this opportunity to go through old bills and receipts (talk to your accountant about what you need to keep and for how long). Sort out your paperwork and buy yourself a handy desk organiser to streamline your bills and paperwork for the next financial year.

Toy cull

My two favourite words. Take advantage of the ‘inside play’ weather and the school holidays to take notice of which toys your kids REALLY play with. If your children are younger you may be able to sneakily remove toys they’ve grown out of or forgotten. Older children are harder to trick (believe me I’ve tried) so you can entice them by allowing them to sell items for a little bit of holiday spending money!

Digital declutter

Not all clutter is physical. If you have an inbox full of unread mail, a camera full of photos you’ve never downloaded or a phone full of unused apps that send you notifications all day, this is causing you unnecessary stress.

Find somewhere cosy, stay in bed if you like, and start deleting. Turn off notifications and unsubscribe from mailing lists you don’t find useful. Why not download your best pictures and create a photo album?

Blanket ban

On the coldest day do you still have a linen closet full of blankets no one is using? Consider donating these blankets to a charity that looks after homeless people — many of them hold blanket drives during winter.

If your blankets are not good enough to donate, ring your local animal shelters or rescue organisations as they are often also looking for blankets and towels.

And 3 reasons you should declutter in winter

You’ll feel better mentally

If you’re stuck inside because of the cold, wet or windy weather the last thing you’ll want to do is stare at your clutter all day. Clutter can make you feel depressed, stressed and guilty — it’s overwhelming. A good declutter will feel like a weight’s been lifted off your shoulders.

It will clear your home, of course, but it will also clear your mind.

You’ll feel better physically

A cluttered home can attract dust and mould, which can affect your indoor air quality, especially when you’re closing the windows to keep in the heat! The last thing you want in winter time is another excuse to sneeze!

Some dusty things to declutter:

  • piles of paperwork/newspapers/magazines
  • books
  • ornaments
  • stuffed animals (if your kids will let you!)

You’ll be free to enjoy spring and summer

Getting rid of your clutter isn’t just about reducing the amount of things in your home today — it’s about freeing yourself from the chaos, the mess and the disorganisation forever, so you can live a life with more purpose (and less cleaning!).

If you use the winter months to rid yourself of all the things holding you back, then you’ll be able to give yourself a ‘spring clean’ when the weather warms up.

Use that time to focus your attention on yourself and your family and start living the calm and clutter-free life that you deserve.


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