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5 Best Careers for Mums

Staying at home and being with kids all the time seems like a dream for lots of mums. Sometimes, though, you just can’t afford it, and some mums really want to work. A lot of jobs just aren’t the best careers for mums, like being an astronaut or a touring rock star, so you’d have to limit your choices. Well, what careers ARE good for mums? From snooping around the forums, I think I’ve found a few jobs and careers that sound good. So what are they? Here are five I came across, in no particular order.

1. A Nurse

As a nurse you can work your shifts around when you need childcare or when your partner is working. You do need a Bachelor of Nursing degree, but you are able to work while studying, at a nursing home, for example. It also incorporates using the nurturing spirit that mums have, so you are using the same type of caring skills as parenting.

2. A Teacher

You’re about to be a mum, or you already are one, so you already know you like kids. Why not teach them? It also requires a Bachelor of Education degree, but think of the holidays you’d get! It’s perfect if you have school aged kids, and still pretty great if they’re younger. You’d be able to start and finish work at the same time as your kids, take the holidays off with them, and have the added bonus of knowing exactly what they’re learning in school.

3. A Teacher’s Aide

With this option, you’ve got the same perks as being a teacher, without all the time spent studying, attending classes, and doing assignments for years – no degree required here! You can enter the teacher’s aide workforce without any qualifications, except for having a blue card that allows you to work with children, and make your way up the ladder from there. You can subsequently get a certificate III and/or IV in Education Support to give yourself an advantage for promotions, or get this qualification beforehand and be a step ahead before you even start.

4. A Public Servant/Government Job

For those of you who have kids, but don’t really want to spend 24 hours a day with kids, try a public servant type job. For a lot of jobs, you don’t need any qualification or extra education than high school, and there is a range of the type of work you could do. Getting in with the government can be a great choice for later life as well, as if you’re good at your job and make sure that they couldn’t live without you there, you’re pretty well-catered for. You get good holidays, good pay, and they look after you all the way through retirement as well.

5. A Writer

Now, I like this option best, and I’ll tell you why: you can write ANYTHING. You could write a children’s book, a non-fiction book about anything you know and love, or a fictional book about whatever you like. You could write blogs for a website, write short pieces for magazines and websites, or even write technical documents for companies.

Being a freelance writer means the ultimate flexibility, though it can mean less security in a regular pay check. A sustained job as a writer for a company, magazine, or a book deal means you could potentially work from home. If you have a creative flare, writing is a great job for mums, especially because you can always write about what you know.


Getting into the workforce is hard, even without kids, so do what is necessary for you to get ahead, and make sure it will benefit both you and your family.

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