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36 weeks pregnant – pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar - 36 weeksWoot, woot – not long to go! Now you are 36 weeks pregnant, you might be finishing up at work this week for a well-earned break before baby arrives. Just make sure you’re resting more than nesting!

36 weeks pregnant – development guide

Your body

From this point, appointments with your healthcare provider will be weekly. Your weight gain will probably only be about 500 grams a week.

Pregnant woman with visible uterus and fetus week 36

With only a few weeks until your baby is due to arrive, most working women give up work or go on maternity leave about now. You may also find that you have an insatiable desire to clean and tidy up the house. This is called nesting and is totally normal… even for those who have not been very domesticated prior to pregnancy! Just remember to be safe with cleaning chemicals and don’t go climbing any ladders or lifting anything heavy.

Your baby

Most babies are now in position for birth, with their head down towards the birth canal. A small percentage may be breech, with their bottoms or their feet first. Weekly development of a human fetus - week 36You may even feel pressure on the pelvic bones as your baby’s head engages. You may feel a grating sensation as the head moves and rubs against your bones. This won’t harm the baby as the skull is still soft enough to change shape as necessary to travel through the birth canal at full term. On the upside, you may find your breathing is easier now that the baby has dropped.

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3 things to do now you’re 36 weeks pregnant

Talk to family and friends about visiting you and your baby

Family and friends will want to meet your new baby and congratulate you. And having them around can be extremely valuable during this time – they can support you and your partner, help with small jobs so you can focus on the baby and reassure you when you’re worried or concerned. Please accept their help – if you ever in your life need an extra pair of hands it is now – it takes a village to raise a mother too! If you feel overwhelmed by visitors however remember you can say no. Maybe share this article on 8 ways you can help a new mum with friends and family.

Have a hair cut and maybe a mani-pedi too!

Head off to the salon to get a hair cut before baby is born or indulge in a pedicure to have the toenails painted, despite possibly not having seen your toes for quite a few weeks now. A pamper session is not only well-earned, it is also a good chance to recharge your batteries for the upcoming birth and newborn baby you’re soon to meet.

Have a pregnancy belly cast made

If you’re interested in preserving this special time in your life you can look into have a pregnancy belly cast made. Search our directory for local business who specialise in pregnancy belly casts.

This content is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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