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34 weeks pregnant – pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar - 33 weeksIt may be getting harder to get comfortable in bed these days. Try lying on your left side and remember … you can never have too many pillows!

34 weeks pregnant – development guide

Your body

Are you keeping up with your kegels? Doing your pelvic floor exercises is important throughout your pregnancy to ensure you have a more controlled birth and maintain a healthy pelvic floor post birth.

Pregnant woman with visible uterus and fetus week 34When you sleep, try lying on your left side as this aids your blood circulation and can reduce any sciatica issues. Use supportive pregnancy pillows as you need them. You could try lying on your side with your knees bent and a pillow between them, as well as under your belly or your breasts. Support in the curve of your back is also important.

Your weight gain continues in this trimester. Stretch marks can happen at any time during pregnancy but usually during a period when weight is gained quickly and many believe that how your body carries pregnancy stretchmarks is in your genes (ie some skin types are more likely to develop stretch marks) and therefore unavoidable. Most common areas are: your belly, breasts, bottom and thighs. While these marks won’t go away 100 per cent, they will fade in time after the birth. There are a number of pregnancy stretch mark creams on the market that may help to heal your stretch marks.

Your baby

Sized at approximately 42cm (head to rump) and weighing around 2.3kg, it is approximately 45 days until you meet your baby.

Weekly development of a human fetus - week 34Whilst domestic airlines will usually let you fly up until you’re  36 weeks pregnant, some international carriers will not fly you once you have reached 34 weeks. It is best to check the website of your preferred airline before booking any flights. You will need to supply a medical certificate endorsed by your healthcare provider to confirm you are able to fly.

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3 things to do now you’re 34 weeks pregnant

Pack your bag for labour and birth

It is a good idea to have three bags packed ready for your labour, birth and hospital stay. The first is your bag for labour, the second is for you and your baby during your hospital stay and the third is a bag for your birth partner. It is a good idea to have them ready (with a short list on top so you don’t forget last-minute items like your phone etc). We have asked our Bub Hub forum members to help create this awesome checklist that will help you when you’re packing your bag for labour and hospital.

Learn how your hormones help during labour and birth

Labour and birth involve peak levels of the hormones oxytocin – sometimes called the hormone of love – and prolactin – the mothering hormone. These hormones, which originate in the deepest and oldest parts of our brain, cause the physical processes of labour and birth, as well as exerting a powerful influence on our emotions and behaviour. Learn more about labour pain and how your hormones help.

Buy some breast pads

Breast pads are quite essential – especially in those early days when your milk supply is still working itself out. Some women find they need them even before birth and in any case you’ll need to pack some in your hospital bag. There are quite a few on the market and you can choose disposable or washable ones – each with their own advantages. Read these parents’ reviews of breast pads to find one you think might suit you.

This content is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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