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3 things I’ve learned from celebrity parents

Celebrity baby photographerWith the help of such a huge devotion to social media as well as the ever growing magazine articles that are always available, it seems the once secret and extremely confidential lives of ‘the rich and famous’, are now completely on display for all of us to see.

On Snapchat, we may be able to see which My Little Pony toy North West is taking with her on a private jet trip to London that day, while on Instagram we may see the view from the infinity pool at the resort in Los Cabos, Mexico where Jennifer Lopez is holidaying with her twins. We can easily observe which red carpet launch party Heidi Klum is attending with her children, or the latest movie that Britney Spears’ sons are going to see with their nanny (which hasn’t hit public screens yet) while their mum performs on stage at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The magazines and online gossip sites often discuss the amount of ‘on call’ staff celebrities require on a daily basis, giving the impression there is not much face to face, parent/child time available due to heavy acting or appearance workloads.

In fact some of us could quite easily believe that children who belong to celebrity parents might even forgot who their Mummy and Daddy are!?

As a person who hasn’t only observed what goes on behind the scenes, but has been a big part of it, there are of course differences; diamond jewellery, expensive cars, designer handbags and flashing paparazzi, but life goes on and a lot of that life is really very down to earth.

Here are the 3 things I’ve learned from celebrity parents

The basics of parenting still apply no matter how rich or famous you are

Having worked in the homes of celebrity families for more than 15 years, I can honestly say many days pan out just like yours and mine.

They lounge around the house, they get sick, they sleep in, they spend a lot of time on their laptops and mobile phones and they sometimes even wear tracksuit pants with floppy T-shirts and no makeup.

When it comes to parenting, they are in the same boat as most people. Their children, like most parents, mean the world to them and they struggle, in just the same way, with problems that affect every parent.

The best present is your presence

Abigail Van Buren once said ‘If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money’.

I would certainly back her up on this one! As we have often witnessed over the years, children belonging to stars or even child stars themselves, have found adulthood challenging to say the least.

The taken-for-granted bond that exists between parent and child has a lot to do with how much time is spent together and often this is where the problem begins. Many ‘little stars’ have to grow up very quickly, leaving ‘childhood’ behind them as they don’t see their parents all the time.

There may be loads of financial support around, a valiant group of care takers and staff, but nothing is the same as two loving parents. As I’ve always said, the best present you can give your child is your presence.

Actions speak louder than words

Michelle Obama has been in the parenting spotlight on and off regarding how she and her husband parent their daughters, and she, like many other parents, believe that actions really do speak louder than words and was quoted saying the following;

“With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models. And let me tell you, Barack and I take that same approach to our jobs as president and first lady because we know that our words and actions matter, not just to our girls, but the children across this country, kids who tell us, I saw you on TV, I wrote a report on you for school.”


So as you can see, whether you’re a mother-of-three who is trying to juggle family life and full-time work or whether you’re a celebrity mother with an extremely glamorous lifestyle, all mothers know a thing or two when it comes to their babies, and we can all learn a thing or two from one another.

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