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19 weeks pregnant – pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week by Week Calendar - 19 weeksNow you’re 19 weeks pregnant you’ve hopefully said goodbye to morning sickness, but it is probably time to say hello to indigestion and heartburn. To keep your mind off the burning sensation why not start stocking up on baby supplies – if you haven’t already! Keep reading for our list of things you need to buy for baby …

19 weeks pregnant – development guide

Your body

The morning sickness may be gone, but now you might start to experience indigestion and heartburn. This is simply because your growing baby is taking up room where your digestive organs used to sit and there is a pressure on your intestines and stomach. Pregnant woman with visible uterus and fetus week 19Some ways to help ease the discomfort of heartburn are: eat smaller meals; chew your meals well; don’t lie down too soon after eating; ensure your fluid intake is good; and avoid foods that are fatty, spicy, too rich or too sugary.

Your baby

Sized at approximately 15.5cm (head to rump), your baby weighs nearly 200g. Ears are now in their final position and your baby’s eyes are pointing forward, rather than to the side.

Weekly development of a human fetus - week 19Your baby is busy growing a layer of fat called ‘brown fat’ which helps to keep it warm after being born, and your baby will soon be covered in a waterproof layer on top of the skin called vernix (a sebaceous gland excretion that is usually gone by birth, unless your baby is born prematurely) that protects your baby from the dehydration of the amniotic fluid.

Your baby’s tastebuds have developed to the point where your baby is aware of the flavours of different foods in your diet. Use this to your advantage and have a wide variety of different tasting foods while you are pregnant.  It may just mean your baby doesn’t end up as a fussy eater. Your placenta is also nearly as big as your baby.

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3 things to do when you’re 19 weeks pregnant

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The good news is that new babies don’t actually need much stuff. In fact, there’s only 21 things you’ll need BEFORE the baby arrives (and some of you might decide you don’t even need all of them!). Here’s our handy checklist of 21 newborn nursery essentials – print it out and take it shopping with you!

See how others ease their heartburn and indigestion

Read our article on Pregnancy Heartburn to see more ways on how you can avoid it and ease the pain. It includes some tips from our forum members and some of their remedies might surprise you!

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Check out this article on pregnancy and birth in the 1970s. The author has uncovered a box of documents that her mother has kept from her time being pregnant and giving birth in the 1970s. It is very interesting and a little bit funny – oh how times have changed!

This content is meant as a guide only. If you find anything worrying or unsettling, or experience any bleeding or spotting, contact your local GP, obstetrician or an emergency healthcare provider immediately.

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