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14 ways to deal with unwanted comments in pregnancy

Woman trying to not listen to unwanted comments in pregnancyPregnancy brings some of life’s greatest moments — but there are some negatives you can’t avoid, one being the unwanted comments from the people around you.

Sometimes these comments are in the form of well-meaning advice from friends or family, sometimes just random remarks from strangers on the street. Some people can be quite rude and thoughtless in what they say to pregnant women.

It can be incredibly hard to deal with, so here are some tips to survive unwanted comments during pregnancy.

14 ways to deal with unwanted comments when you’re pregnant

Nod and smile

Take the time to perfect this strategy, as it will definitely help in many uncomfortable situations.

Be brief

Don’t give too many details when someone prone to giving unsolicited advice asks about the pregnancy – just stick to a quick “Yeah, been tired mostly” and change the subject.

Remind yourself that some people are just trying to help

Remember that sometimes people say stupid things, but think they are being nice or helpful – they may not know they’re being mean or inappropriate, so let it slide. Unless, of course, it happens on a regular basis, then perhaps a quick reminder that what they are saying/asking isn’t quite appropriate or nice.

Ignore ignore ignore

It may be hard, but it’s the best way to stay sane when it comes to strangers. It may be harder to ignore people you actually know.

Unwanted comments in pregnancy

Practice some good responses

A good response to “you look small for that far along” is “I must have amazing stomach muscles then.”

Don’t take silly comments to heart

Laugh them off and you’ll feel better straight away – just maybe don’t laugh straight in their face.

End the conversation quickly

If someone says something that is outright rude – just give them a smile and a quick one-liner that will end the conversation, for example; “Yep, can’t wait till the baby’s here”.

Surprise them

In response to the ever-welcomed “Can I touch your belly?” – “Can I touch yours? No? Then no.”

Question them

And for strangers who think it’s OK to rub your belly without asking – “Do I know you?” with a shocked look on your face.

Change the subject

Wait until they pause for breath, and change the subject with a quick “That weather, hey?”

“Hmm… OK … “

Just give an uninterested “hmm, OK” to unsolicited advice or stupid comments.

Brush them off

Remember that nothing anyone else says will influence the way you parent unless you let it – so brush these comments aside and keep on keeping on.

Refer back to the experts

For comments on your size, weight, or diet etc., just tell them you’re doing what the doctor told you.

Know what you want people to know

Decide what information about your pregnancy you want to tell people, and what you are keeping private – this will help to have quick responses lined up for those questions that catch you off-guard.


People can be annoying, insensitive, and even infuriating when you’re NOT pregnant, so the hormones of pregnancy can make them even more annoying. The main thing to remember is to stay calm, and if you ever need to, vent to someone you know won’t make the same silly comments — whether in real life or on our forum!

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8 comments so far -

  1. During this phase, it is better to spend maximum time with closed ones and share everything with them.

  2. It is very important to stay positive and happy to deal with all the negativity around.there is one of my friends who had gone through the same situation few months before, but by staying happy and indulging herself in the work, she successfully deals with negative comments and everything which tried to affect her negatively.

  3. Pregnant women do tend to be a bit sensitive and are easier to annoy during this stage in their lives. More people should read this guide. I can’t remember how many times I’ve cringed hearing other people telling pregnant women how fat they’ve become. Great read!



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