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14 funniest pregnancy t-shirts

funniestpregtshirtsDo you find yourself trying to hide your bump? These hilarious pregnancy T-shirts will make you choose otherwise!

They’re all pretty great – some a little more “aww” than “lol”, but all fantastic.

I don’t think I could hide my giggles if I saw someone wearing one of these beauties.

t-shirt dinosaurWhy wouldn’t you want a dinosaur? They’re pretty cute right? Well… in cartoon-form at least…


t-shirt dragonOr dragon! I would definitely want one of these. Hands down, I would pay good money to see little Timmy the Dragon at the park with all the other kids.

The teenage years could get a little dangerous though…


t-shirt please wait baby loadingFor the gamers and tech-heads, this is a pretty good one. You might have to get a few different ones for the course of your pregnancy.

Don’t we all wish the baby would “load” as quick as (most) games do?


t-shirt making a humanIt’s pretty hard work. What’s everyone else’s excuse for slacking off?


t-shirt moustacheAh, I love a good pun. (If you don’t get it straight away, try saying it out loud.)


t-shirt gummy bearsCan I wear this one all the time? Oh the gummy bears I would eat. *Homer Simpson drool*


t-shirt make me look fatAnswer it. I dare you.


t-shirt questionsThis one will fend off some of those unwanted questions and comments that always pop up when you’re pregnant. Especially from strangers.


t-shirt look don't touchOr this simplified version – don’t touch please!


t-shirt watermelonI remember my mum telling me this – “if you swallow  a watermelon seed, you’ll grow one in your belly!”


t-shirt dark in hereOh, this one’s a bit cute. “Hello!? Who turned out the lights?”


t-shirt baby made me eat itThis is perfect. Now we can all eat whatever we want!


t-shirt ice ice babyI had to do it. This is brilliant, whichever way you look at it. Thanks, Vanilla.


t-shirt peek a booVery cute, bordering on super cute. For all the mums-to-be of twins…


t-shirt dadAnd a bonus shirt for the dads! Now I wonder if he’d be brave enough to wear it in your presence…

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