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12 things mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day

Young girl greets her mother in bed on Mother's DayMums aren’t really that hard to buy for. In fact, many of them don’t want you to buy them anything for Mother’s Day.

What they really want is to feel appreciated and loved. They want a rest, a break from the mundane routine and a big ‘thank-you’ hug from the people they love most in the world–and, if they’re a new mum, they probably wouldn’t mind a guilt-free sleep-in either.

It only takes a bit of effort to make Mother’s Day a special day. It is only one day after all!

We asked our Bub Hub forum members what they really wanted for Mother’s Day and here’s what they came up with. If you’re the mother reading this you might want to send the link to your partner/children!

12 things mums REALLY want for Mother’s Day

1. A nice breakfast

Take mum out for a nice breakfast or cook her breaky in bed. Try our easy pancake recipe as it is a great one that kids can help cook too. Don’t forget to clean up afterwards too!

2. Day out with the family

Plan a day out for the family. Make sure it is a treat for mum–she shouldn’t be the one packing the car, dressing the kids, putting sunscreen on, making the sandwiches etc.

3. Massage

Mums don’t often treat themselves and feel guilty when they do. That’s why a massage or a pampering session is a good present. Consider a voucher so they have the choice whether to use it on Mother’s Day or save it for another day.

4. Flowers

Fresh flowers always brighten up a room. Traditionally the chrysanthemum is the flower to give on Mother’s Day but even a small bunch of daisies picked from the garden and handed over in the chubby fist of a toddler will probably bring tears to her eyes.

5. Solitude

A busy mum or the mum of a small baby might enjoy a few hours of solitude on Mother’s Day. Send them off to the shops or for a coffee. Or take the kids to the park so she can enjoy a silent house.

6. A clean house

The very last thing a mum wants to do on Mother’s Day is clean the house like she does every other day of the year. Make sure the house is clean so mum can relax and enjoy her day.

7. A sleep-in

This one comes top of the list for mums of babies and small children. The ultimate indulgence is a sleep-in. Get up, take the baby for a walk, make the kids breakfast and let mum catch some guilt-free uninterrupted ZZZs.

8. Homemade drawings/cards

A handmade card–even if it is toddler scribble will mean more to most mums than a generic store-bought card.

9. Jewellery

A woman’s first Mother’s Day can be a special time and some mum would love some jewellery to mark the occasion. Look for hand-stamped jewellery with her child’s name or initials stamped on them or maybe a ring with the baby’s birthstone.

10. A day off

Mums just want to be saved from the everyday tasks–just for one day. One of our Bub Hub forum members says her husband gave her the day off last year–which she loved! “He did all the nappy changes, she was about three months old and breastfed so pooing a million times a day so it was great!”

11. A reason to shop!

Most of the shopping a mum does is for her children. Any time she does buy something for herself she probably feels a bit guilty. If you give her a gift voucher from her favourite shop she’ll have to spend it on herself!

12. Love and appreciation

But when it comes down to it, all mums want is to be shown love and appreciation. One of our members says it best: “A big fat cuddle. Having those beautiful hands around my neck just makes my day.”


And if you’re still stuck for ideas why not print out our free Mother’s Day Voucher Book!

Thanks to all the Bub Hub mums who helped compile this Mother’s Day guide!


What mothers really want you to get them for Mother's Day

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