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12 ideas for storing your child’s artwork

Storing a child's artwork, drawings and paintingsYes, the little darlings are prolific, and they may show the makings of a Picasso of the future.

However in the meantime what do we do with all of that artwork that covers the fridge and piles up on the desk?

How do we contain it? Here are some great ideas to keep artwork in check.

12 great ideas for storing your child’s artwork

  1. Photograph artwork and store on a USB.
  2. Have a digital photo frame displaying artwork around the clock.
  3. Use artwork as your screensaver on the computer
  4. Scan and laminate – artwork makes great place mats. Use them yourself or give as a gift to relatives.
  5. Large artwork makes great wrapping paper.
  6. Create gift cards.
  7. Create a calendar of their artwork, or photograph them holding the artwork.
  8. Hang artwork like washing on a line across the children’s bedroom or along the wall.
  9. Put work in an art portfolio and cull every six months to a year.
  10. A4 artwork goes in a plastic folder with clear sleeves and becomes a book for your child.
  11. Frame and give as a gift to relatives. Grandparents can’t say no!
  12. Frame and put on display in your own home.

Children's drawings framed and on display

As children’s artistic proficiency increases they usually cull their own work. If not, you now have some ideas on how to view the pieces without them overflowing around the house.

Tips for storing your child's artwork

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One comment so far -

  1. Great tips Lynne. My mom has saved some of the drawings that I have done when I was barely 3 years old and till today it gives me that feeling of nostalgia. It represents a time which I barely even remember and seeing it gives you a sense of high.

    I therefore save any drawings of my two little toddlers and tips which you have shared must really be appreciated. Thanks a lot 🙂



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