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11 ways to reduce your waste and save your money

With the state of the earth and the environment as it is, everyone should be doing their part to help keep our planet healthy. With a lot of the ways you can be environmentally-friendly, you save money too, so you get a great bonus on top of helping the earth. Here are some easy ways to reduce your waste and save money too.

1. Save plastic bags

The bags you get from shopping can be used for rubbish bin liners and nappy rubbish bags, among many other uses. This way they are good for something before being thrown into a landfill.

2. Start a veggie patch

Growing your own vegetables and fruits can be healthier for you and your family, as well as reduce the amount of produce you have to buy from the shops, and cut your shopping bill by a lot. This is especially good when sometimes the shops don’t give you the freshest products, and you end up throwing some away.

3. Start a herb garden

This saves as much produce and money as a veggie patch does, and can be smaller and easier for beginners.

4. Start a compost bin and worm farm

Turning your scraps into compost and even starting a worm farm is a great way to cut your waste by a long way. It will also save money as you won’t be buying lots of products to keep your new veggie patch or herb garden flourishing.

5. Avoid using the clothes dryer

Dry all your clothes on a clothes line to save the power used by a dryer. This will save money on your electricity bill, as well as lessening your carbon footprint.

6. Reuse jars and plastic containers

Wash out old jars, plastic containers, and bottles and use them again. You can store other food or items in them, or use them for the kids’ art projects, or even donate them. Whichever way, you’re saving them from the landfill.

7. Play outdoors

Encourage kids to play with things that don’t require power – going outside and running around is good for you, your kids, your planet, and your wallet.

8. Turn off lights

A simple one – don’t leave the lights on when they don’t need to be.

9. Turn off taps

Another easy one – make sure taps are turned off tightly, and turned off when you don’t need them on. Also, don’t run them at full boar for simple things like washing hands, and you can save a lot of water and money on the bill.

10. Turn off powerpoints

When you aren’t using certain appliances, you can turn off the powerpoint they are connected to, thus reducing the power used and your power bill. Ones that are easy are the microwave, television, and computer.

11. Don’t buy what you already have

Take stock of your fridge, freezer, and cupboards before going grocery shopping. Make a list of the things you have completely run out of and need, that way you only buy what you don’t already have. This will cut your shopping bill immensely and reduce the wasted food that you throw away because you simply have too much.

The environment needs our help to sustain itself, and in turn the planet will do better at sustaining us. Following these tips will help make our earth a little healthier and keep a little cash in our pockets for the really important things.

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