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11 great kids party games

kidsbirthdaypartygamesHere are 11 great, classic kids party games.

Aside from a few prizes, these games shouldn’t cost you much money and are guaranteed fun!

Some require no explanation and with others, we’ve given you a few ideas to mix it up a bit!

1. Pass the Parcel

Have fun wrapping in newspaper, magazines and have one gift in the middle or one gift per layer – it’s up to you!

2. Musical Chairs

3. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Change the ‘donkey’ to suit your theme – you could Pin the Tail on the Mermaid, the Hat on the Pirate, the Nose on the Clown…

4. Treasure Hunt

Plant clues around your venue leading to the ‘treasure’!

5. Kim’s Game (Memory Game)

Classic game for slightly older children (old enough to write and spell) where objects are placed on a tray.  Party guests view the objects for a set time (say 2 minutes) before the tray is taken away.  Guests have to write down as many as they can remember.

6. Musical Statues

7. What’s the Time Mr Wolf

8. Simon Says

9. Hide and Seek

10. Chinese Whispers

Get the kids into two or more teams.  Each team starts with the same ‘message’ to ‘whisper’ to their team.  The ‘whisper’ goes down the line to the last person in the team.  The last member of each team whispers their message to the party organiser.  The team that got the message closest to the original message are the winners!

11. The Chocolate Bar Game

This is great fun – you need a large chocolate bar (so everyone gets a turn), gloves, scarf and a knife and fork (for hygiene reasons, give each child their own knife and fork).  The kids sit in a large circle around a plate with the chocolate bar in the centre.  The first guest puts on the gloves and scarf.  They use their knife and fork to eat cut up and eat the chocolate bar.  Meanwhile, the other children are passing a dice around the circle.  Whenever a guest throws a 6 on the dice, they get to eat the chocolate!  The first guest has to put down the knife and fork and take off the scarf and gloves as quickly as possible.  The next person puts the clothes on as quickly as possible and starts to eat the chocolate until the next guest gets a turn!  The game continues until all the chocolate is gone!

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  1. Sorry about being so pedantic, but its one die and multiple dice. It just really gets on my nerves when people use dice as a singular. After all, you wouldn’t say a feet, but rather a foot. Again, sorry for being so pedantic about grammar.



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