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EPI-NO Childbirth & Pelvic Floor Trainer

A Natural Childbirth Choice

EPI·NO Delphine Plus was developed in Germany by an obstetrician, and midwives, as a Childbirth Trainer used to prepare the perineum, and reduce the risk of tears, and episiotomy (stitches) during childbirth. Clinical studies have shown a link between perineal injuries during childbirth, the risk of incontinence, and sexual health. EPI-NO offers women considering Caesarean Section another option

EPI-NO can be used during pregnancy to strengthen the Pelvic Floor muscles (exercising) prior to commencing Childbirth Training (preparing the perineum) three weeks before the calculated birth date. Therefore EPI-NO is very effective to use with your pelvic floor pregnancy exercises.

EPI·NO is clinically proven to significantly increase the chances of an intact perineum, increases control during delivery, and is more effective than perineal massage.

The following Letter appeared in The Sunday Age on 09/03/2008:


Regarding Meredith Nash's Opinion piece "Too posh to push? No, just too scared" 02/03/2008, has no-one else heard of EPI-NO? Recommended to me by my obstetrician, EPI-NO was developed in Germany to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, stretch the perineum, and prepare your body for birth. Anecdotal evidence * suggests that pre-labour training like this can prevent tearing, reduce the likelihood of an episiotomy, and prevent incontinence later on.
Sure, continuous care from a health practitioner, and being counselled about your childbirth fears are very important, but let's get open-minded and practical.

Claire. Melbourne

* An Australian Clinical Trial was conducted at Box Hill Hospital, Melbourne, and the results published in 2004 by ANZJOG (see website)

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