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Every parent wants to give their baby/child the best start and the best chance in life. GymbaROO centres are designed to help you do exactly that.

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At GymbaROO centres:
·         We give you vitally important information and many important insights into your baby/child’s development.
·         Show you how to maximise your baby’s learning potential, and help you little one to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning.
·         You will learn the value and enormous fun of movement in you babies lives.
·         Will help you avoid any pitfalls linked to modern society, that may affect your baby/child’s development and ability to learn, hence minimising the risk of later learning difficulties
GymbaROO sessions are:
·         Filled with hundreds of fun developmental activities and ideas each activity helping you to enhance your baby’s capabilities.
·         Professionally designed and structured to cater for babies from as young as 6 weeks, right up to children around 5 years old. Parents/carers attend with their baby or child once a week for a
45 minute, age related, fun, structured group session.
·         Involve music, dance, exercise, massage, small equipment, musical instruments, parachutes and a fun weekly theme. There is also fun equipment which has been specially designed to maximize the neurophysiological development of 0-5year olds.
Every song sung, every game played, every activity, at GymbaROO is specifically designed to enhance the child’s capabilities.
The GymbaROO program, (an Australian innovation), has been operating for 28 years. There are over 30 000 parents and children presently involved in GymbaROO in Australia and hundreds of thousands more being reached by way of GymbaROO’s outreach resources. GymbaROO is immensely popular, highly respected and revered and has been leading the way in addressing the importance of early childhood development from birth to 5 years old.
To find your local centre and come and join the fun, visit our website at  
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