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Little Kickers NSW

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Little Kickers was launched in the UK in 2002 and arrived on Australia’s shores in May 2009; we are now very proud to be operating in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia and have had extremely positive feedback from parents since our launch last year.  With childhood obesity becoming an ever increasing problem in Australia and the knowledge that inadequate physical activity is a key contributor to obesity, Little Kickers Australia’s aim is to encourage children to enjoy sport from an early age and to give them the confidence to continue to have an active lifestyle in the future.



Play Not Push
A positive, fun filled, pre-school soccer (football) programme executed in a friendly, pressure-free environment.  Guided by FA qualified coaches, child care workers, child health specialists and proactive parents, the Little Kickers toddler soccer programme is an ever evolving quest to teach fundamental football techniques and elementary life skills in a vibrant group-play environment.  Invaluable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are conscientiously woven into an involving programme that places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts such as colours and numbers as it does on fine tuning a child’s basic balance, agility and co-ordination.
A Very Level Playing Field
We recognise that every child is an individual, and feel that children develop their skills best when they are playing with other kids of a similar age and ability.  As such, Little Kickers separates kids into four distinct age groups, which encourage each child to maximise their involvement and development potential.  In summary, the real joy of our four pronged approach (Little Kicks, Junior Kickers, Mighty Kickers and Mega Kickers) is that we can offer a gently staggered learning environment for all our students, an enjoyable yet challenging pre-school soccer (football) programme that is safe and always stays strictly within the student’s comfort zone.
For up to date information on our current locations, venues and class times please visit our website and go onto to our “sign up” page.
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