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Natural Ear Protection

Our ears secrete a natural, protective layer of earwax that lines the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water, the excessive use of ear buds and the insertion of any object (including ear plugs) causes this layer to become worn and depleted. Without this layer of wax, water can easily become trapped in the ear, leading to irritation and pain.

This can lead to common ear infections, such as swimmer's ear.


Prevention is better than cure

SwimSeal Pretective Ear Drops were developed in order to take on some of the properties of natural earwax by forming a water repellant coating on the external ear canal.  This layer expels water from the ear preventing trapped water.The drops (2-3 in each ear) are applied before contact with water and act similarly to natural ear wax creating a waterproof coating in the external ear canal. Ideal for water play, bath and shower time and at the pool and beach.

You protect their eyes with goggles, now you can protect their ears with no fuss and it is suitable for all ages from 6 months of age.

This unique product is made from medical grade silicone and Australian Tea Tree oil to prevent trapped water in the ear. 

Developed by ENT specialists, SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops:

  • Is Approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia
  • Is Ear friendly as it does not contain alcohol
  • DOES NOT build up in the ear
  • Has NO impact on hearing or balance.  

No wonder our customers love it so much!


SwimSealTM - The drops that STOP water causing painful ears.


Where to buy SwimSeal

- Online at:

- At participating Pharmacy stores, Aquatic Centres and Swimming Clubs.


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