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Green Kids Modern Cloth Nappies

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  • Easy to care for - no bleaching or soaking!
  • Easy to use - no pins, no folding, no fiddly snaps or separate covers!
  • Trim fitting and stylish, in gorgeous colours & prints!
  • One size fits most from birth to toilet training!
  • Stay dry layer keeps baby dry and comfy!
  • Suitable for day & night use - super absorbent!
  • Gentle on your baby, the environment & your bank account!
  • Made in Australia from premium quality materials, so you know they're good!

Green Kids modern cloth nappies are so easy to use - simply pop the insert into the pocket of the nappy, adjust the super strong Aplix tabs to fit your bub perfectly and you're good to go!  When the nappy is wet or soiled, simply remove the insert (which always stays clean in the pocket), rinse both quickly in fresh water and put into a nappy bucket for wash day.  Wash using only half the regular amount of washing powder or liquid and line or tumble dry - easy!

Our one size nappies suit most bubs from birth (3.5kg) to toilet training (15kg), so there's no need to purchase different sizes.  Many parents have successfully used their Green Kids nappies on their first, second and even third child, saving thousands of dollars over the cost of disposables!

Green Kids allows you to choose the nappies and inserts that suit your bub and adjust the absorbency to suit, from birth thru to toilet training.  If you are unsure where to start, simply purchase a trial or bulk pack at a great discount and you will get everything you need to cloth nappy your bub and save $$.

Alternatively, choose from our huge range of gorgeous colours and prints and make your own nappy package with inserts and boosters to suit.  Green Kids offers free, trackable shipping on all orders over $99, plus quantity and loyalty discounts, so you always get a great price!

Why choose Green Kids pocket nappies?

Fast Drying: Green Kids nappies are very fast drying, either on the clothes line or in the dryer on warm.
Super Absorbent: Green Kids bamboo inserts are super absorbent and bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.
Adjustable: You can adjust the absorbency to suit your baby by using different insert/booster combinations
Easy To Use: Fast and easy to put on your baby and fasten just like a disposable, with no fiddly snaps to adjust
Keeps Baby Dry: The entire inner layer of stay-dry suedecloth means your baby never feels wet.  Most Green Kids babies never suffer from nappy rash!
Easy To Clean: The single inner layer of suede cloth repels soiling and makes cleaning a breeze - no fiddly layers to clean
Terminology: Don't be confused by terminology - inserts, boosters and soakers are all the same thing, though they are often made from different fabrics such as bamboo, cotton and microfibre.  However, they are all designed to absorb liquid in cloth nappies.  Liners are usually not the same thing, so check the specifications before you buy!  Green Kids 100% bamboo flushable liners are designed to collect soiling in cloth nappies for disposal into the toilet, and will suit any brand of cloth nappy :)
Range: Green Kids has the largest range of gorgeous colours and prints in smooth PUL or luxurious Minky fabric.  Our Anytimes range are trim, reliable nappies that can be used with confidence day & night.

Check them out in-store and start saving today :)

Special Offer

Enter code BUBHUB at checkout + get a free, regular bamboo insert with every nappy purchased + quantity discounts & FREE shipping on orders over $99!
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